Through the lens – Ecoventura announces its 2024 photography departures

AUTHOR The Ecoventura Team

The Galapagos is famously known as one of the world’s leading photography destinations, famed as it is for its incomparable range of marine and terrestrial plant and animal life. Photogenic sealions sprawl on every beach or frolic in the shallows, whilst blue footed boobies bob and prance for anyone keen to watch.

Marine iguanas soak up the sun’s warmth on rocks throughout the islands, and up in the hills giant tortoises, known to live well over 100 years, have seen it all and aren’t concerned by just a few more visitors coming to take a look.

The wildlife has evolved here with very few natural predators; the islands are 600 miles from the Ecuador mainland, meaning the only animals that live here swam, flew or floated, which ruled out almost all mammals and large meat-eaters. This in turn means that the creatures that call the Galapagos home have a confidence and curiosity that is seldom found in the planet’s other nature hotspots, where animals warily scan the horizon and are quick to flee at a moment’s notice.

As a result of this evolutionary quirk, budding photographers and visitors are spoiled for choice when it comes to taking the perfect holiday snap.

And given this remote, largely uninhabited archipelago – 97% of the island land mass is a protected national park, while the surrounding waters are a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve – remains mostly untouched and heavily protected, with dramatic volcanic scenery, gorgeous white sand beaches and vivid sunrises and sunsets, it is about as picture perfect as you can imagine.

Brush up on your photography

We have run a host of successful specialist photography trips over the past few years and, due to popular demand, are now doubling our number of tours. We are thrilled to be able to offer guests a choice of two itineraries, with eight photography departures planned for 2024.

Spring 2024

April 21-28 (Itinerary A “Beaches and Bays”, which covers the southern and central regions of the archipelago)

April 28-05 May (Itinerary B “Volcanic Wonders”, which explores the northern and western reaches of the islands)

May 16-26 (Itinerary A)

May 26-02 June (Itinerary B)

Fall 2024

October 06-13 (Itinerary A)

October 13-20 (Itinerary B)

November 03-10 (Itinerary A)

Nov 10-17 (Itinerary B)

These voyages are the same itineraries that we would cover on a non-photography departure cruise, and so are perfect for anyone looking to explore and enjoy the Galapagos, not just photography afficionados.

There is no need to bring professional cameras or long lenses, and all levels are welcome!

One of the benefits of booking a photography tour are earlier or later disembarkations to take advantage of the best natural lighting, and the pace may be slower to allow time for that perfect angle shot.

Meet the experts

Our photography expeditions are hosted by two specialist and highly experienced naturalist guides, Antonio Adrian and Fernando Sanchez. Between them they know the Galapagos Islands like the back of their hand, and just so happen to be specialist photography instructors to boot!

Antonio Adrian

With degrees in environmental and educational sciences, skilled naturalist and certified photography instructor Antonio Adrian has authored numerous books and papers on natural history, evolution and environmental management. He is a qualified dive specialist who has travelled widely and has a passion for the Galapagos.

Fernando Sanchez

Naturalist Fernando Sanchez trained as a photography instructor with the National Geographic Society and, having worked in the archipelago for many years, has an exhaustive knowledge of this unique ecosystem and its inhabitants. Fernando is a specialist in sustainable development and environmental education and passionate about preserving the islands.

In the frame

With their infectious energy and enthusiasm, and in-depth knowledge – both of photography and the enthralling Galapagos Islands – Antonio and Fernando make excellent additions to our committed crew. Whether you’re looking to finesse and finely tune your already advanced photography talents or are simply keen to learn a few basics, or would just like to learn more about the islands and the wildlife, these voyages are bound to fit the bill.

You will be guided across pristine beaches and the islands’ more rugged reaches to rarely-visited corners of the archipelago, with untold photographic opportunities round every corner.

Antonio and Fernando will help you to get the best out of your camera, assisting with composing the best shots and making the most of the light. You’ll soon learn to get snappy with the speedy but spectacular Galapagos sunrises and sunsets. Prepare to be astonished by how close you can get to the locals; amusing boobies, curious sea lions, inquisitive mockingbirds, gentle giant tortoises – among countless others – are just begging to be photographed.

When to visit?

Owing to its equatorial location, any time of year is a good time to visit the archipelago, which enjoys a consistently warm and pleasant climate. December to May tends to be warmer and more humid, while the period from June to November is drier and cooler (although here on the equator it is all relative!), so you can take your pick depending on your preference.

Promotion – 10-15% off!

To celebrate the launch of our expanded photography departure offerings in 2024, we have decided to offer a 10% discount on all week-long departures for the dates outlined above.

In addition, departures for itineraries A and B run back to back on consecutive weeks, allowing guests to book a fortnight’s trip to experience both itineraries and explore all of the Galapagos on one extended voyage. For those looking for an extended back to back trip, we are offering a further 5% discount on the second week.

Here’s your chance to take advantage of one of the world’s most awe-inspiring destinations, learning from the experts before returning home with a portfolio of stunning shots and memories to last a lifetime. All abilities catered for; satisfaction guaranteed!

Our photography themed tours are always popular and tend to sell out well in advance, so contact us today to reserve your spot.