Travel Details

Food & Beverage:

We continue to reinforce our methods of identifying and managing food safety related risk, including Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP), as well as the cleanliness and disinfection of our dining areas, bars and kitchens. We have eliminated our buffet service and replaced it with a menu a la carte, adjusted the dining areas to allow social distancing among groups, and placed screen protectors in the bars and buffet table.

To reduce capacity in the dining room during meals:
On board Origin and Theory, the sundeck will be open for meals.
On board Letty, room service will be offered during dinner.
On board Galapagos Sky, a table for 4 people will be enabled on the Dolphin deck.

We have emphasized the cleaning and disinfection of kitchens and bars, with strict food safety standards. We follow a disinfection process in all the tableware, glassware and cutlery, as well as the utensils used by our concierges and waiters during the service. Service personnel will adhere to strict security procedures while serving all food and drinks.
In order to avoid direct contact with paper, we have removed physical menus and created digital ones that will work through QR codes.

The kitchen will be disinfected with ozone 3 times per week and only authorized crew members will be allowed to enter the kitchen during
their working hours.

Private Moments VIP Package:

Private Moments is a compilation of VIP services we can provide our guests (for an additional charge) on Origin & Theory.

After a few trial runs, we have curated services for clients who want a truly unique experience while in the Galapagos. Whether celebrating a milestone birthday or anniversary, or for guests who appreciate private moments while on a luxury expedition cruise vacation, Ecoventura offers a magical experience for your guests to last a lifetime.

  • A private naturalist guide just for you and your travel companions

  • Private VIP transfers to/from the airport in San Cristobal (only on our allotment flights with Avianca).

  • Upgrade to Business class seats on Avianca flight to SCY (only on our allotment flights) if available at the time of confirmation (max 12 seats).

  • A private zodiac ride at sunset including a bottle of wine (red, white or sparkling) with our Captain, this is offered one time during the week (on A at Baroness Point, Floreana or on B at Tagus Cove, Isabela).

  • A private behind the scenes tour of the Charles Darwin Station (itinerary A only), see collections of scientific research on Santa Cruz Island with a representative from CDF

  • Welcome basket with a personalized note from the travel designer with a box of Ecuadorian chocolates, local fruits and an item from the boutique,

  • Private table for two in our dining room can be arranged for dinner upon request

Cost is $ 2000.00 for 2 guests

Note: only one package available per departure date per yacht (Origin or Theory)

Language spoken:

English is spoken aboard the vessels by guides and Captains. All crew speak Spanish.

Satellite Wi-Fi:

Is available on the Origin & Theory and starting September 1 2019, Wi-Fi will be included Free of charge. There will be a limit of one complimentary PIN card per cabin.


Most telecommunication providers have signal in Galapagos and passengers can use their smartphones that are activated for international calling on days when the yachts are in close range to port. The Letty does not offer Wi-Fi service.

Medical facilities on board:

The yachts carry first aid kits and medical supplies. The Captain and guides are trained in basic First Aid procedures. All yachts have radio contact with the mainland for any medical emergencies.

Motion sickness:

Due to strong currents, there will be moderate movement of the vessel while navigating.  Most passengers are not affected. However, if you are prone to seasickness, we strongly urge you bring some type of medication to prevent motion sickness.

Physical limitations :

The majority of Ecoventura passengers are healthy, active and reasonably fit. Passengers able to walk a few hours a day unassisted will be able to fully enjoy Galapagos. Some of the excursions require more physical activity than others involving short steep climbs or long walks in hot weather or on uneven rocky trails. However, most excursions require moderate activity and the walks are at a leisurely pace. Entering and exiting the Zodiacs require that you need to be sure footed. If you are concerned about your ability to do any particular day hike, please consult with the naturalist before disembarkation. In order to enjoy your trip to its fullest potential, it is a good idea to do some exercise before your trip, such as walking, swimming or bicycling.   Please see your doctor for a check-up before traveling to Ecuador.  Any medical condition or physical disability that may require special attention or treatment must be advised to Ecoventura at the time of booking.

Airfare and flight schedule:

Make your trip to the Galápagos a seamless, stress-free experience by booking flights directly with Ecoventura. By doing so, we can assist you every step of the way, from checking-in for your Avianca flight to pre-paying the Galapagos National Park entrance fee. Passengers will find regular flights between Quito, Guayaquil and San Cristobal Island with Avianca.

Mandatory procedures followed by our crew:

All crew members residing in the Galapagos Islands will be tested before boarding. The crew arriving from the continent will have to pass all the controls and procedures established by the local Galapagos airports.
They will follow complete disinfection procedures before boarding Ecoventura’s yachts.

All crew members will be closely monitored on a daily basis for any symptoms (including a temperature reading) while aboard. They will be required to wear the appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) based on their roles and responsibilities and will have to maintain a social distance of at least 3 feet between themselves and with guests.

They have received detailed training on Ecoventura’s sanitation protocols, in addition to learning how to identify flu or virus-like symptoms, and follow procedures as stated in the ISM (International Safety Management) manual.

Hand hygiene is the main measure of prevention and control of infection, and will be done with water and soap, following the right technique of the World Health Organization.

No crew member is allowed to disembark on any populated island, unless ordered by the captain of the yacht.
While on their disembarkation period, crew members have been recommended to self-isolate and their health will be closely monitored by our Human Resources Department.

Snorkel gear:

Even though all of our expedition equipment is undergoing deep cleaning and disinfection procedures (and will be
disinfected after every activity), we highly suggest all our guests bring their own mask and snorkel.

Cleaning and disinfection procedures followed in our yachts:

Shoe disinfection trays have been placed at the entrance of each yacht.

Cleaning products approved by the Galapagos National Park, which are effective against viruses, bacteria and other airborne and blood borne pathogens are being used in all yachts.

We have increased the frequency of deep-cleaning, while disinfecting with ozone machines (HEPA filters) all common areas, public spaces and guests’ cabins (in addition to crew quarters), with an emphasis on high-contact surfaces such as stair railings, door knobs, coffee stations, water dispensers, coffee tables, dining and bar surfaces, social area restrooms, jacuzzi and sun deck areas.

Crew members follow strict cleaning and sanitation charts in every stateroom and social area.

We have intensified and increased the cleaning of air conditioning recirculation filters every week, to guarantee
the proper operation of the system, prior to each cruise.

Our guest experience:

All guests will maintain a social distance of at least 3 feet between themselves and other people including the crew.
A maximum of 8 guests, 2 crew members and 1 naturalist guide are allowed per zodiac for each transfer to maintain social distancing.

They will receive a hot hand towel with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer ingredient and their hand luggage, backpacks and bags will be gently sprayed with a disinfecting mist. Subsequently, guests will be accompanied to their cabins by the crew.

All cabin amenities will be disinfected prior to each cruise. Guests will receive a personal alcohol-based gel bottle and, to avoid any cross contamination, we have removed all paper and stationary from all cabins.
Hand-sanitizing stations will be placed throughout all social areas of our yachts, with additional signage throughout guest and staff areas to remind everyone of important health and hygiene protocols, such as handwashing and physical distancing.

During the welcome briefing the biosafety measures to be followed during the cruise will be explained. The briefings will be held at the main lounge and dining room to keep the distance and they will be short and precise. Instructions for activities will be placed in a glass frame in the main lounge.

For activities such as panga rides, glass bottom boat, snorkeling and guided walks a maximum of 8 guests, 1 crew member and 1 naturalist guide are allowed per zodiac.
Captains will be in contact with other vessels to avoid coinciding in locations at the same time to avoid agglomerations.

Travel insurance:

We strongly recommend that all passengers traveling on Ecoventura yachts invest in comprehensive medical, trip cancellation and trip interruption insurance that includes a Cancel for Any Reason Coverage Add-On at the time of your reservation. This investment will protect you and your financial commitment in the event of unforeseen travel delays/ airline cancellations, personal or family illness or injury which may not allow for you to make your scheduled cruise.

There are many options out there, please feel free to choose the travel insurance that you prefer. Here, we provide two options:

Insure my trip

World Nomads

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Specialty Departures:

Hosted Departures with Marine Biologist Jack Grove:

Board the Theory in December of 2019 for one of two deeply enriching sailings hosted by a marine biologist, expedition leader, photographer, and author Jack Grove. With Grove supplementing the expertise of our onboard naturalist guides, travelers can expect to explore the Galápagos with a deep and nuanced understanding of the archipelago’s remarkable flora and fauna. Evening “turtle hour” lectures, daily observations of fish behavioral patterns and species identification sessions led by Grove will add an extra layer to these specialty sailings. Guests sailing with Grove will also receive an autographed first edition hardcover copy of his guide, The Fishes of the Galápagos Islands.

Departure Dates for 2021 to be confirmed.

Join Jack Grove world renowned marine biologist on board theory by Ecoventura

Join marine biologist Jack Grove abroad the theory by Ecoventura in 2019

Transit card fee:

All visitors to Galapagos are required to purchase a “Tarjeta de Control de Transito” or TCT card for $20.00.  This card allows INGALA, the institution that controls migration to the islands to better regulate the flow of all arrivals and departure to Galapagos. Ecoventura will register all passengers in advance provided the fee is pre-paid and we receive the passenger information form.

Family Departures:

Travelers with children, teens, and young adults in tow may opt for a designated family departure, created to cater to families with similar-aged children. Family departures are offered during major school breaks and feature exclusive age-appropriate activities that bring the magic of the Galapagos to a multi-generational audience.

During teen family departures, for example, our excursions will be faster in pace and more physically demanding. Expect longer hikes and more kayaking and snorkeling opportunities.
Travelers with teenagers who book on our summer family EPI departures can participate in a cultural exchange with local Galapagueño students through Ecology Project International.

The following 2020 departures are designated as family oriented on all yachts, please inquire at the time of booking:   

January 5-12 (A)
February 16-23 (A)
March 08-15 (B)
March 15-22 (A)
March 29-05 April (A)
April 05-12 (B)
April 12-19 (A)
June 07-14 (A)
June 14-21 (B)
June 21-28 (A)
June 28-05 July (B)
July 05-12 (A)
July 12-19 (B)
July 19-26 (A)
July 26-02 August (B)
August 02-09 (A)
August 09-16 (B)
August 23-30 (A)
October 18-25 (B)
November 22-29 (A)
December 13-20 (B)
December20-27 (A)
December 27-03 January (B)

Children aged 6 to 11 receive a 25% discount, and teens aged 12 to 17 receive a 15% discount off the cruise rate (excluding holiday weeks). On Origin & Theory, only college age get 10% discount from age 18 to 21. These discounts cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.

Ultimate Family Trip
Top 10 Reasons to Choose Ecoventura for your Family Galapagos Trip

Galapagos entrance fee or “park tax”:

The Islands are part of the Ecuador National Park system and the entrance fee is $100.00 per person.  Children age 11 and younger get a reduced rate of $50.00. The fee is divided up among various entities including the GNPS, Marine Reserve, agriculture, municipalities, INEFAN and INGALA.

Transportation contract:

All passengers will receive a cruise ticket at the airport in Guayaquil or Quito upon check in for the flight to Galapagos. The cruise ticket contains the terms and conditions of the transportation contract.  In order to review the terms before you leave home, you can view this on the company web site.

Click here to download the transportation contract


Flight check-in procedure :

On the day of departure, please be at the airport in Quito or Guayaquil two hours prior to departure for check-in. A card will be left at your hotel the evening prior to the exact check-in time. You must first have your bags inspected by SICGAL as required to travel to Galapagos. Next, look for the Ecoventura representative at the Avianca Airline ticket counter to collect your boarding pass, transit card (if prepaid) and get assistance with check-in.  Do not stand in line to pay the TCT card if you have already prepaid.   You will form a line to process passengers for the Park entrance fee. The park representative will have a list of our guests who have prepaid the fee.  Once through, our guides will be waiting for you with signs. You will need to claim your checked bag and our crew will deliver them to your cabin.  Passengers who choose to travel to Galapagos earlier or choose to purchase tickets with another carrier will not be provided with the same services.

Entry requirements:

Only a valid passport is required to enter Ecuador. However, passports must be valid for six months and a day after you plan to leave Ecuador. No Visas are required for U.S., Canadian and most European citizens. Visas are required for some Asian, Central American and Eastern European countries. It is the passenger’s responsibility to check with local immigration offices or the Ecuadorian consulate prior to sailing to determine if a visa is necessary.

Effective as of August 1, 2020, the requirements to enter both Ecuador and Galapagos are:

Ecuador – Visitors are required to obtain evidence of a negative RT-PCR test for Covid-19 from a reputable facility taken within seven days or less prior to arrival. Upon arrival, you will be screened for symptoms and a temperature check and be asked to fill out a  Traveler Health Declaration with the location for your stay while in Ecuador.

Galapagos - Visitors age 12 and older traveling to Galapagos are required to take a RT-PCR test available at the airport upon arrival (additional cost is $120) and must self-isolate at your hotel until test results are available within 48 hours.  Visitors are required to show results of a negative test and have a Salvoconductos or safe passage form before they can board the flight to Galapagos.  The form is processed by Ecoventura for all our guests a week before arrival giving them pre-travel authorization.  You will also need to show proof of medical insurance with an ID card and complete a bio-safety control form.

Gratuities to guides & crew:

We believe our crew members provide world-class service and we hope you agree. We do not add an automatic service charge to your account as we prefer that guests reward our crew solely based on their performance at the end of their cruise. If you would like to do so, any amount you feel appropriate is truly appreciated. However, for guests who might wonder what the typical amount is, we suggest each of our passengers to leave in between US $250 – $300 per week which is the international standard for a First class vessel Letty and between $300 – $350 which is the international standard for a luxury vessel Origin & Theory.  Cash is our suggested method of payment on board. You could also charge the gratuity to your credit card by using your Visa or MasterCard. Gratuities are distributed among all crew members including naturalist guides.

Baggage policy:

The airline allows one checked suitcase (up to 50 lbs./ 23 kg and up to 62″/ 158 cm) and one carry-on bag (up to 22 lbs./ 10 kg and up to 45″/ 115 cm) per passenger. All overweight, oversized and excess baggage will be charged additional and are checked subject to space available. FEES in USD - Subject to change - Please see for latest fee schedule
Excess baggage fee: $45 for up to 50 lb/ 23 kg, $60 for 51-70 lb/ 23-32 kg.
Overweight baggage fee: $15 for 51-100 lb/ 23-45 kg
Oversize baggage fee: $80 for larger than 62 in/ 158 cm and less than or equal to 90.5 in/ 230 cm.
Fees do not include IVA (tax) of 12% and are subject to change.

Airlines are required to spray the overhead compartments inside the aircraft with a special process after doors are closed and preparing for landing. This is considered a common procedure for flights bound to fragile island ecosystems that are susceptible to invasive species or viruses being accidentally transported to the islands

Island visits/ Activities:

The vessels anchor offshore at two visitor sites or Islands per day.  Passengers are ferried to the landing point in zodiac style inflatable landing craft, locally called “pangas”. The landings are either wet (where one must step into water anywhere from your ankles to your knees and wade to shore) or dry (where one steps from the Zodiac directly to the volcanic rock). Your guide and Zodiac driver will assist you with a steady hand.  On the Islands, one follows marked trails set by the National Park walking at a leisurely pace together with your guide. You will spend 3-4 hours at each site allowing plenty of time to explore and photograph the wildlife.  In addition to the guided land excursions, we offer deep water snorkeling, beach swim/snorkel, kayaking, and zodiac rides.

Upgrade to Business Class:

There are twelve business class seats available on the flights to Galapagos. For an additional charge of $57.00 each way from UIO or GYE you will receive preferred seats in the front of the aircraft, you may check two suitcases (up to 70 lbs./ 32 kg) and one carry-on bag (up to 22 lbs./ 10 kg and up to 45″/ 115 cm) per passenger.

Yacht & Itinerary Stipulations:

Ecoventura reserves the right at its sole option and discretion and that of the Captain of the vessel or National Park impact studies without liability for damages or refund of any kind to deviate from the vessel’s advertised or ordinary itinerary for any reason including mechanical failure. Ecoventura will not be held responsible for any refund whatsoever for changes to the printed or scheduled itinerary.

Airfare and flight schedule to Galapagos:

Flights to Galapagos for Ecoventura passengers are serviced by AVIANCA Airlines from Quito (UIO) and Guayaquil (GYE) to Galapagos (San Cristobal = SCY). Flight reservations for confirmed passengers are made automatically through our seat allotment with Avianca.  All passengers who arrive at SCY on AV 1636 on Sunday will receive assistance with the check-in procedure and the option to pre-pay the transit card fee. A representative from Ecoventura accompanies our passengers on this flight. Upon arrival, our crew and guides meet this flight and transport passengers to the yachts. Passengers who chose to arrive on any other flight will not be provided with the same services.


The current flight schedule is on Sundays to/from Galápagos (SCY):


Quito to Guayaquil

AVIANCA 1636 ETD 9:35AM ETA 10:30AM

Guayaquil to San Cristobal

AVIANCA 1636 ETD 11:25AM ETA 12:15AM

San Cristobal to Guayaquil

AVIANCA 1637 ETD 1:05PM ETA 3:53PM

Guayaquil to Quito

AVIANCA 1637 ETD 5:05PM ETA 5:56PM





Airfares in LOW season: January 1 – 30 June & September 1 – 31 December



Adult Fare

Child Fare


$ 500.00

$ 375.00


$ 476.00

$ 360.00


$ 468.00

$ 352.00


$ 445.00

$ 336.00



Airfares in HIGH season: July 1 – 31 August



Adult Fare

Child Fare


$ 553.00

$ 411.00


$ 525.00

$ 393.00


$ 518.00

$ 385.00


$ 490.00

$ 366.00


Airfares include all airport taxes and airfare fuel surcharges. They are subject to change at any time up until the day of departure and even after tickets have been paid in full.

Yoga Retreat Sailings:

Join like-minded travelers and pursue your passion for yoga in the most inspiring place on earth with our yoga-themed sailing in December 2018. Your host, Ecuador-born Gustavo Plaza, is a skillful yogi with more than three decades of experience in a variety of practices, including alignment-based yoga, meditation, Pranayama, eastern philosophy, and Yoga Nidra. Onboard the Origin, travelers will begin each morning with a yoga class, before gathering in the dining room for a nutritious, sustainably harvested breakfast. Throughout your journey, Plaza will lead regular afternoon yoga sessions and will prepare you for a restful sleep one evening with a Yoga Nidra to cultivate relaxation and self-awareness.

Departure Dates for 2021 to be confirmed.

Join us for our 2019 health wellness departures and new yoga instructor aboard the mv theory

Special 2018 yoga themed Galapagos cruises with Ecoventura

Focus on Photography:

Famed local photographers will help you capture and preserve your trip to the Galápagos Islands in beautiful photographs. Travelers will learn basic lighting tips, receive a printed guide featuring images of the Galápagos’ endemic creatures, and participate in a farewell slideshow featuring some of the finest work produced during the sailing. This photography sailing will be held on the Origin.

Departure Dates

November 01-08, 2020 - Southern & Central Route

November 08-15, 2020 – Northern & Western Route

April 18-25, 2021 - Northern & Western Route

April 25-02 May, 2021 – Southern & Central Route

October 31-07 Nov, 2021 - Northern & Western Route

Novemeber 07-14, 2021 – Southern & Central Route


Capturing the energy of life
2019 photography departures aboard our new luxury yacht mv theory available for booking now/

Purchases on board:

Every passenger has an open tab at the bar and boutique, which are paid the last day of the cruise. We accept cash (US Dollars), Master Card or VISA credit cards only.

Special Occasions:

You may order a bottle of wine ($35) or birthday cake ($25) to be served at dinnertime or a fruit basket ($15) for your cabin.  It is prohibited to bring flowers to Galapagos. Please advise us at least 30 days prior to departure.

Drinking water:

Bottled water is provided in your cabin and is free of charge. Filtered drinking water is provided during meal times. We suggest you do not drink water from the tap in your cabin. Water bottles can be refilled from the water container located in the bar area.

Smoking policy:

Smoking is prohibited in enclosed areas aboard the vessels and on the Islands.  Smoking is only allowed on the outside deck in a designated smoking area.

Electric current:

110/AC 60 cycle (current and plugs are the same as in the US)

Local currency:

Ecuador adopted the US Dollar as their monetary unit. Languages: English and Spanish are spoken aboard the vessels by the naturalists and Captains. Be sure to bring small bills ($1, $5, $10 are best) for small purchases and can use larger bills for gratuities.

Time zones:

Ecuador is in the Eastern time zone (GMT-5 in the mainland). Daylight savings time is not observed. Galapagos is one hour behind mainland Ecuador. On board, we observe mainland Ecuador time.

Snorkeling equipment & Wet suits:

There are many opportunities to snorkel during the cruise, sometimes twice a day from the beach and in deep water. Masks, fins and snorkels in average sizes are available on board free of charge for use during the cruise.   If you anticipate taking advantage of all snorkeling opportunities you may prefer to bring your own mask and snorkel for a proper fit.

Full 3mm wet suits are available for passengers to use during the cruise at no additional charge on a first come first serve basis. Wet suits are most popular from June to November when water temperatures are between 65 and 72 degrees.

Sea Kayaks and paddleboards:

The Letty carries two tandem and one single kayaks and the Origin and Theory have five tandem kayaks.  Each vessel has two stand-up paddle boards (SUP). They are available at designated sites during the cruise at no charge on a first come first serve basis.

Be prepared for the adventure of a lifetime by packing a suitcase full of casual, comfortable, and versatile items. Start by purchasing a soft-sided spinner or a rolling duffel bag—perfect for storage in staterooms.

National Park Rules & Regulations:

During orientation, your guide will go over the Galapagos National Park rules which you are required to follow during the cruise. Signs are also posted on board our vessels list the National Park Rules & Regulations.  The park requires that all visitors to the protected areas within the Galapagos National Park must be accompanied by a licensed naturalist guide.  Guests must stay with their guide and remain on marked trails. Respect interpretive signs for the protection of wildlife and your safety.

It is your responsibility not to transport food, animals or plants into the islands and you must cooperate with the environmental inspection officials at the airports (SICGAL). Food or drinks, except water, are not permitted on the uninhabited islands. Be careful not to transport any live material or sand from one Island to the next.   Do not leave any trash on the Islands or throw any litter overboard.

Do not buy any products or souvenirs made from banned substances, including black coral, shells, lava rock, animal parts, or any native wood or vegetation.  This is illegal and must be reported. Do not disturb or remove any native plant, rock or animal on land or in the water.

Maintain a distance of at least six feet from wildlife to avoid disturbing them, even if they approach you.

Do not touch, pet or feed the animals. Do not startle chase any animal from its nesting place.

Motorized aquatic sports, mini-subs and aerial (drone) activities are not permitted in the National Park or marine reserve.  Flash photography is not permitted when taking photos of wildlife.

To avoid disturbing or provoking wildlife, Ecoventura suggests their guests avoid wearing bright colored clothing while on the Islands, refrain from using selfie sticks and to use bio-degradable sunscreen.  Any packaging materials should be taken back to the mainland rather than leaving trash on board in Galapagos.

Smoking is strictly prohibited within the Galapagos National Park.

Fishing is only permitted on recreational boats authorized by the GNPD licensed for “pesca vivencial”.

Embarkation and disembarkation time/ Sunday in San Cristobal:

Boarding time is 12:30 PM and guests will not be able to board prior to this time. All guests must disembark by 8:30 AM Mainland time (7:30 AM Galapagos Time).