Pure in beauty and timeless allure,

these volcanic islands have the kind of rugged, unaltered magnetism that is increasingly scarce, and are home to endemic species found nowhere else on Earth. For wildlife enthusiasts, there is no greater pilgrimage than a trip to the place that inspired Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and formulated in “Origin of Species”.

From the bow of your luxury expedition vessel, search the coastline for bottlenose dolphins.
And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, snorkel alongside the playful sea lions during
an outing on your yacht.

You’ll see plenty of creatures during your tour of the Galápagos, including green sea turtles and —during a pilgrimage to the island of Isabela— the famed giant tortoises. Try and match their leisurely pace as these prehistoric reptiles mosey across the island.

Search the skyline and the rocky outcroppings for the rare birds
of the Galápagos.

A flash of cobalt can give away a cartoonish blue-footed booby, while
a line of birdsong may belong to one of Darwin’s namesake finches.

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