Guests on board

With just 20 guests on board, travelers sailing with Ecoventura can experience a curated, intimate adventure, with nothing to get in the way of developing a deeply personal experience with one of the most memorable places on Earth.

Choose Ecoventura to arrange the details of your most special moments. From milestone birthdays or anniversaries among friends and family to vow renewals with just the two of you, there’s no celebration like a Galápagos celebration.

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Year-round destination

The Galapagos Islands boast excellent weather year-round – and only one species (the waved albatross) migrates, meaning you can expect to see the famed Galapagos hawk, fur sea lion, penguin, flightless cormorant, marine iguana, and blue-footed booby no matter when you set sail with Ecoventura.

Despite hovering near the equator, the Galapagos Islands enjoy a cool, sub-tropical island climate, nestled in the Pacific dry zone.

Max. Air Temp848688868278767476777880
Min. Air Temp707474727268666462646668
Avg. Sea Temp747676767474726668707274
Avg. Rainfalls