Santiago Dunn


Born and raised in Guayaquil, Santiago studied finance at Boston College before earning a master’s from Montreal’s Concordia University. He’s an eco-warrior as he is an active member of the Charles Darwin Foundation and Ecuador’s National Council of the WWF. His contributions to conservation led Rainforest Alliance to name him an Individual Sustainable Standard-Setter in 2005. He’s now back in Guayaquil, where he lives with his wife and four sons.

Daniel Plaza


Daniel joined Ecoventura in 1998, after years working in the banking industry. His experience and education in economics, banking, and finance makes him especially well-positioned to manage Ecoventura’s finances, allowing us to give back significantly to the Galápagos. He lives in Guayaquil with three children and enjoys surfing, weightlifting, and playing tennis.

  • Mariuxi Medina

    Hotel Manager

    At 18 years old, Mariuxi began her long career in the Hospitality business. She studied “Hospitality and Tourism Management” at the Catholic University of Guayaquil, and then she obtained her second diploma in “Culinary Arts” at the University of Guayaquil. She then worked for the best hotels in Guayaquil, taking different positions until becoming part of the Ecoventura in 2019.

  • Luisa Perez

    Administrative Assistant

    Guayaquil-born Luisa worked with the city’s airport and tourism chamber prior to joining the Ecoventura team in August of 2017. She assists both executive president Santiago Dunn and CFO Daniel Plaza, and can often be found enjoying outdoor activities.

  • Rafael Albuja

    Operations Manager

    A former Ecoventura captain on both Eric and Galapagos Sky, Rafael is now in charge of managing the entire Ecoventura enterprise. He has expertise in both the mechanics of our vessels and the business of our company, making him uniquely positioned to monitor our operations.

  • Juan Carlos Leon

    Operations Department Assistant

    Juan Carlos is responsible for securing certifications and paperwork from the Maritime Authorities and Galápagos National Park. An avid sportsman, he plays soccer and tennis, loves surfing, and practices martial arts and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu every day.

  • Jorge Jurado

    Chief Engineer

    Jorge has three decades of experience with everything from container ships to passenger ships and tourism motor yachts. He has been with Ecoventura since 2011.

  • Alexandra Cardenas

    Quality Control and Environment

    Guayaquil-based Alexandra works to make Ecoventura’s operations increasingly sustainable. She doubles as a diving guide and an expert in administration of natural resources and ecotourism.

  • Maria Fernanda Benites

    Reservations Specialist

    Calling with questions about your upcoming expedition with Ecoventura? You may very well find yourself on the phone with Maria Fernanda—her forte is customer service,  as well as communications and public relations expert, based in our home office.

  • Juan Pablo Bastidas

    IT Systems Coordinator

    Juan Pablo is responsible for everything in Ecoventura’s state-of-the-art IT Department. An expert on all things computer-related, he’s also a lover of soccer and music.

  • Rocio Larco

    Personnel Manager

    Rocio is responsible for building Ecoventura’s team, searching Ecuador and beyond for the most talented and qualified crew members and guides. Her background in business administration and human resources makes her especially adept in this position.

  • Johanna Leon

    Personnel Assistant

    Working with the human resources department to build and maintain Ecoventura’s team of industry experts, Johanna considers human capital the key to any successful organization.

  • Accounting Department

    Since 1991, Renzo Luque has been managing the accounting department at Ecoventura. His team consists of Jimmy Reinoso, Pamela Pinto, Hugo Inga, and Angie Asencio.

  • Jorge Lombeida

    Guayaquil Airport Coordinator

    With more than two decades experience working with airlines and tourism operations, Jorge accompanies travelers on the flight from Guayaquil to the Galápagos. He studied hotel management in Switzerland, and is a global citizen at heart. Jorge is fluent in Spanish, English, French and Italian, and also speaks some Dutch.

  • Lourdes “Luly” Mena

    Sales Manager

    Luly has been working with Ecoventura since 1993, when she was drawn to the company’s mission to provide excellent service while fostering an appreciation for the Galapagos Islands. Before joining the company, she studied advertising and PR, and worked as a ship administrator and French translator. She spends weekends at her family farm outside of Quito, and loves to spoil her two English spaniels.

  • Elena Cordova

    Sales Associate

    Since 2010, Elena has been collaborating with the Ecoventura sales department, based in Quito. She has a diverse background in hospitality administration, guest services, and sales. Outside of the office, she spends time with her daughter, going to the movies, riding bicycles, walking the dogs and relaxing at home.

  • Doris Welsh

    Vice President and Director of Sales & Marketing

    Since her first trip to the Galápagos in 1986, Doris has made the pilgrimage more than 30 times. Based on the Florida Keys, she has a passion for ecotourism, which arose during a summer abroad in Costa Rica—where she also picked up Spanish. She’s an avid birder, snorkeler and boater, and enjoys growing orchids.

  • Paulina Cevallos

    Galápagos Network Reservations Manager

    Born and raised in Long Beach, California, with her Ecuadorian parents, Paulina studied tourism and work as a tourist guide in Ecuador and joined Galapagos Network in 1999. Nearly three decades on, she’s a complete island expert and works with Ecoventura passengers to plan their journeys to the archipelago.

  • Ariel Jaramillo

    Ariel was born in Guayaquil and grew up in a small town on the coast of Ecuador. She moved to Islamorada, Florida when she was a teenager. There she got her first job in the hospitality industry and discovered her passion for travel and tourism. She has an extensive background in hospitality and has primarily worked in luxury boutique hotels in almost every department, including VIP services, food and beverage, and sales.

  • Amy Lesh

    Galápagos Sky Sales and Marketing Manager

    Based in Jupiter, Florida, Amy oversees the daily operations of our luxury live-aboard dive vessel, the Galápagos Sky. She is a master scuba trainer with more than 20 years of experience in the field, and she has a number of advanced certifications. As a dedicated ocean and beach conservationist, she organizes regular clean-ups, and enjoys educating divers about marine ecosystems.

  • Purchasing Courier Department

  • Iliana Valdes

    Office Manager

    Born in Cuba and raised in Miami, have a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from the University of Miami, Worked at Florida Department of Revenue for 38 years until I retired in 2016. Started to work at Miami office of Galapagos Network on July 2018, as office manager, handling accounts payable and receivables. Married, one son, three granddaughters.

  • Sebastian Bravo

    Quito Airport Coordinator

    I am a happy person and committed to the assigned responsibilities. I love music and in my free time I play the drums. Giving service with excellence is one of my greatest virtues

  • Captain Marlon Perez


    Since 2002, Captain Marlon has been sailing ships between Ecuador and the United States, even navigating the Panama Canal. Before joining Ecoventura, Marlon captained larger vessels in the Galápagos. Now, he’s delighted to spend time with our nature-loving passengers.

  • Captain Gerardo Duran


    Captain Gerardo, of the Origin, has served in the Galápagos Marine Reserve and worked for Ecoventura for more than a dozen years. His other passions? Swimming, diving (both SCUBA and free-form) and studying law—this incredible multi-tasker is finishing a second degree as a lawyer.

  • Captain Jhon Feijó


    Captain Jhon, who was born in Quito, served as third/second and first mate in tanker ships around Asia and America for several years. He discovered his true passion for sailing after visiting the Galapagos Islands where he fell in love with its wildlife and wonderful local people. Nowadays, he can be seen showing guests the wonderful enchanted islands on board the Theory.

  • Captain Peter Vallejo


    Captain Peter is an experienced navigator (he’s even changed course mid-sailing to give guests a better view of breaching whales), and as a proud father of three, he gives extra attention to children onboard during family departures.

  • Maria “Gaby” Espinoza

    Fun and knowledgeable, Gaby has a love for nature and a commitment to island conservation. Along the way, she’s taken courses in tourism management, literature, and human relations, and she’s fluent in English and German. Her passion is introducing guests to the Galápagos.

  • Billy Maquilon

    Billy studied chemistry, biology and environmental sciences in university, and has an unlimited passion for the Galápagos. He’s a traveler at heart and spent four years exploring Europe and the United States before returning to the Galápagos. He has now spent nearly three decades guiding, making him a true expert in the region.

  • Gustavo Andrade

    Raised in Guayaquil, Gustavo has always had close links to the Galápagos: his family has lived on San Cristobal island for three generations, and his father was a tour boat captain., Though trained in industrial engineering, he pursued his love for nature and has been a naturalist with the Galápagos National Park Service since 2005.

  • Freddy Vargas

    Born and raised in the Galápagos, Freddy went to university in Quito before returning to the archipelago to work at the Charles Darwin Research Center. There, he developed a passion for the islands’ wildlife, motivating him to take up guiding. He enjoys water activities such as surfing and snorkeling, as well as horseback riding when on vacation in the Santa Cruz highlands.

  • José Luis “Pepe” Castillo

    Ecuador-born Pepe grew up on San Cristobal Island, where he fell in love with nature and decided to pursue a career as a naturalist guide. He became a member of the Ecoventura team in 2002, but he received his guiding license in 1997. Fluent in English, he is also studying Italian. Pepe also enjoys chess, playing the guitar, and swimming with sharks.

  • Ivan Lopez

    After studying environmental management, tourism, and photography, Ivan became a licensed guide in 2005. He loves being on the water and is a certified scuba instructor and trainer. Music is another of his passions, and he regularly entertains guests with his original songs.

  • Yvonne Mortola

    Licensed as a guide in 1984, Yvonne grew up in Guayaquil. Being fluent in German, after school she went to Germany to study, where she also learned French. She’s so passionate about the islands that has been recognized for her naturalist work by the Charles Darwin Foundation and the Galapagos National Park. She is constantly updating her knowledge of the natural life of the islands, in addition to security and quality processes on board.

  • Cecibel “Ceci” Guerrero

    After working as a guide trained by the Galápagos National Park Service and the Charles Darwin Research Station, Ecuadorian-born “Ceci” Guerrero has spent years leading tourists through this pristine destination. Certified since 1992, she guided for nearly a decade before taking time off to raise her two children. Now that she’s back, she loves sharing her home with guests, especially while snorkeling (her favorite excursion).

  • Antonio Adrian

    Just like Darwin, he has always been looking for higher adventures, travelled to all continents and been in most ecosystems so far. He has degrees in environmental and educational sciences, and a couple of published books on natural history. He believes that humour and non-formal education are valid tools to teach about our world. He is a National Geographic Diver Specialist and photo instructor.

  • Sofía Darquea

    After graduating in Tourism with a degree in Hotel Management, she spent a few years in France, before returning home to Ecuador and started working as a guide in Galapagos and as a Tour Leader in the Amazon Rainforest. Sofia lives in Santa Cruz Island, and is the president of the Galapagos Naturalist Guide’s Association (AGIPA). Read More

  • Luis Fernando Sanchez

    Luis Fernando has been a Galapagos National Park Naturalist Guide for 17 years and throughout the years he has had the opportunity to become a photography instructor in a training organized by photographers from the national geographic society. He continuously supports the national park along with other colleague trainers in workshops in order to train local naturalist guides.

  • Natasha Cabezas

    Natasha learned about nature as a child, chasing crabs and eels in the lava shores of the Galapagos. Her fascination for the ocean led her to become a professional diver and a naturalist for the Galapagos Marine reserve. After 5,000+ dives, she took the first course offered to become a Specialized Heritage Naturalist, and committed to share her strong passion, love, and knowledge for her islands, with curious visitors from all over the world.

  • Fabricio Carbo

    Ecuadorian, Diving Instructor and Marine Reserve Guide. The first guide of Ecoventura on board of the “Eric”. I’ve worked with groups of the Smithsonian, Audubon Society, Nature Conservancy, among others, and collaborated in a marine life documentary for National Geographic. I like to work with families and to teach kids to love nature. Firm lover and protector of the Galapagos Islands since my first visit back in 1983.

  • Melissa Carlier

    Concierge Origin

    From a very young age, I always had a clear desire to specialize in the career of tourism and hospitality. In 2008 I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Tourism from the Escuela Superior Politécnica del Litoral (ESPOL). Then I got the title of Msc. in Hospitality and Tourism Management at Edinburgh Napier University and my MBA. degree from the HTMi Institute in Switzerland. I have always worked in positions related to hospitality, travel, tourism and personnel management. Since 2017 I have been working as a Hotel Manager on board cruise ships in the Galapagos Islands.

  • Daniela Muñoz

    Concierge Theory

    Daniela studied Tourism and Hotel Management in Universidad de Especialidades Espíritu Santo (UEES). Afterwards, in 2017 she achieved her Masters Degree in International Tourism Management in Barcelona, Spain. She joined the team of Ecoventura in 2018 as a Concierge for the ORIGIN. Her passions are photography, traveling and scuba diving.
    Read More

  • Scarlett Briones

    Concierge Origin

    Proudly Ecuadorian and in love with her country, especially the Galapagos Islands. Scarlett has a degree in Nutrition and dietetics and two minors, the first in food and beverage management and the second in communication studies. Her passions include culinary arts, photography and the hospitality industry.

  • Estuardo Vilela

    Chef Theory

    From an early age, Estuardo has been interested in cooking. When he finished high school, he started studying gastronomy focusing in both hot food and patisserie. His work experience started in one of Guayaquil's most renowned hotels where he learned and gained vast knowledge. In 2014 he got offered a job on Ecoventura’s fleet and have been working in the enchanted islands ever since. "Here, I have mixed both mainland's flora and fauna with Galapagos original products creating an amazing fusion."

  • Xavier Moncayo

    Chef Theory

    Xavier studied at the chefs' school and obtained extra qualifications at seminars and congresses on molecular and avant-garde cuisine. His love for cooking began at the age of 22 when he had the opportunity to start working on Ecoventura’s fleet years ago and this experience combined with the love and the passion for work led him to become one of Theory’s chefs today.

  • José Villavicencio

    Chef Origin

    José entered the Guayaquil Hotel in 1988 as a kitchen assistant while stydying at the chef's school until 2000. A couple of years later, he started working at UEES (University of specialties) as head chef and executive chef from 2004 to 2016. He now loves working from the Origin, offering our guests the best culinary experience.

  • Jhonny Rivas

    Chef Origin

    Born and raised in Guayaquil, Johnny has almost 20 years of experience as a professional chef. Addicted to innovation, Johnny is an international chef who has sailed on luxury cruises for almost 10 years and has been part of several local culinary competitions. He is into sports like soccer, volleyball, and is an excellent swimmer.


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