Snap Happy – Join our Photography Departure in November 2021

AUTHOR The Ecoventura Team

In the era of social media, the image is king. But even if posting your snaps on Instagram isn’t your thing, nowhere is your photography A-game more vital than on vacation.

Selfies in the sand, safari-style wildlife shots or a panoramic landscape at sunset – evocative shots can take you right back to a treasured time and place in ways nothing else can. And if that treasured time and place happens to be the Galapagos – one of the planet’s most pristine wildlife hotspots – so much the better!

The Galapagos Islands, after all, are a photographer’s paradise – an abundance of fascinating creatures bask on the beaches and frolic in the sea utterly undeterred by your presence, all set to the glorious backdrop of the beautiful, striking islands.

Knowing how rewarding it is for our guests to capture their holiday highlights and do this remarkably photogenic destination justice, we have been organising special photography departures for several years.

Hosted by professional photographer Antonio Adrian, these voyages are the perfect opportunity to finesse your photography skills; Antonio will be on hand offering tips, guidance and know-how to help you take that perfect shot.

In fact, some of our lucky guests have just stepped off the Theory for our latest photography voyages. Since this departure coincided with the important occasion of Earth Day (April 22nd) we decided to open up a Photography Competition for our guests on board with the winner being decided by our instagram community. We were hugely impressed by the quality of images, here is the winning photograph taken by our guest Kathleen Clapper (the above image of the three iguanas was also taken by the talented Kathleen).

All of our Galapagos expeditions result in amazing photographs, but it is hugely gratifying to see how much our passengers grow and learn when we have an expert in photography on board. We are delighted to have helped showcase the best the Galapagos have to offer for another group of budding photographers. One of our guests, Warren Evans, tells us a little about the experience:


Join us on our upcoming photography departures

If you’d like to join us on our next photography voyages, today’s your lucky day! The next Focus on Photography departures are scheduled for the following weeks:

31 October – 07 November 2021 – Itinerary B

07 November – 15 November 2021 – Itinerary A

We are thrilled to announce that these voyages will once again be hosted by Antonio; as a naturalist guide and qualified diving specialist, he is ideally placed to discuss the flora and fauna that surround you on a trip to the archipelago.

And as you snap away, you’ll be in the company of a pro – someone who can help you better understand your camera as well as the technicalities of composition and framing, not to mention the challenges of capturing wildlife on camera!

Our photography departures tend to fill up quickly, so to avoid any disappointment do get in touch with the team by email or at Ecoventura on We look forward to hearing from you!