November 2020 Photography specialty departures

AUTHOR The Ecoventura Team

Many budding photographers will be familiar with the frustration experienced when striving to get that sublime wildlife shot. Patiently waiting for the perfect opportunity, before creeping quietly towards your subject, ready to click … but then a rustle of undergrowth spooks said subject and it flies, scuttles, swims or, indeed, slithers away! The Galapagos Islands, however, are a photographer’s paradise – here your muse will bask in the sun and frolic in the sea utterly undeterred by your presence, and will usually happily pose for hours.

Our previous on-board photographer – Mauricio Torres – boasts images which are testament to this.

Photo credit: Mauricio Torres

“Recording experiences from a once in a lifetime trip to this archipelago is fundamental to almost every passenger who travels with Ecoventura” said Santiago Dunn, CEO of Ecoventura. “We’re thrilled to announce our next Focus on Photography Departures, this time with renowned Ecuadorian photographer Antonio Adrian.”

Antonio Adrian

A naturalist and photographer, Antonio will help you better understand your camera as well as the technicalities of composition and framing to help you take that perfect shot, whilst enlightening you about the flora and fauna that surround you on a trip to the Galapagos.

Just like Darwin, Antonio has always been looking for higher adventures, traveled extensively around the globe and would one day like to grow a long white beard. He has degrees in environmental and educational sciences, has published various books, articles, and essays on natural history, evolution and environmental management, and believes that humor and non-formal education are valid tools for teaching about our natural world. And if all this isn’t enough, he is also a qualified diving specialist and, of course, a certified photography instructor. All in all, a perfect companion for a voyage around the Galapagos.

Photo credit: Mauricio Torres

Ecoventura offers themed departures as a way to enhance and enrich the guest experience, usually in the Fall as an added perk for travelers to visit this time of year, which is considered the off-season in the Galapagos – although the weather is beautiful and wildlife is thriving with nesting bird species and baby sea lions all around.

Antonio will be joining Ecoventura guests on board the Origin for Focus on Photography departures for the following weeks:

NOVEMBER 01-08 2020

NOVEMBER 08-15 2020

Special Promotions: Guests who book before the 30th December 2019 will benefit from a complimentary night’s stay at Hotel Oro Verde Guayaquil before the cruise, and those booking two weeks back to back will receive a 5% discount off the second week. These promotions can also be combined.

Photo credit: Mauricio Torres

Please note that spaces on our photography departures fill up rapidly, so to avoid any disappointment do get in touch with the team at Ecoventura on or call toll-free (800) 633-7972. We look forward to hearing from you!