ORIGIN Celebrates One Year Anniversary after the inaugural voyage!

AUTHOR Daniel Andino

This week, our guests joined our crew in the celebration of the one year anniversary maiden voyage of the MV ORIGIN!  On February 28, 2016, the MV ORIGIN made her debut in the Galapagos Islands. That was an exciting day when we launched the 142-foot Premium Class vessel, offering high-end accommodation and amenities for just 20 guests.

Custom-designed for sustainability and comfort, the MV Origin is the ultimate Galapagos cruise vessel, offering luxurious amenities while minimizing environmental impacts. The state-of-the-art design also allows us to spend less time traveling between islands, so our guests have more time for actual exploration.

We pride ourselves on being one of the only vessels allowed in the Galapagos that was built to exceed existing environmental regulations. Through various initiatives spearheaded by Ecoventura President, Santiago Dunn, the company has become the pacesetter in responsible tourism to the Galapagos Islands. Through its core commitment to the ongoing sustainability of this fragile and at-threat ecosystem, Ecoventura has invested upwards of a half million dollars to refurbish its fleet of yachts to meet its own stringent ecology-minded standards.

It wasn’t easy finding ways to rebuild the ship, Dunn says. The first dry dock he approached about building the ship denied his ambitious ideas could be accomplished. He finally found one willing to construct a hull and bow design that makes the Origin more than 40% faster and more than 60% more fuel efficient than similarly sized ships. Every toilet on board is a French design that macerates waste so the resulting “black water” can be treated more efficiently. Origin’s grey water is also treated, and high-capacity holding tanks can retain the treated water until the ship reaches an appropriate dumping spot far from the islands.

Check out what our guests had to say after their trip on the Origin:

“EVERYTHING was great. Boy, is that boat nice! The staff was incredible, the food over the top and the excursions amazing. We even had a Latin dance party for New Years Eve. It was all magical! Thank you thank you thank you!” -The Orum Family

“I want to express my highest regard for the ORIGIN and for the staff – I truly cannot imagine that there would have been a better option.” -The Gould Family

You will find numerous hideaways around ORIGIN for you to enjoy quiet time alone, or gather as a small group to discuss the wildlife and adventures experienced earlier that day. The hammocks are especially popular during the afternoon, between your land excursions, to take a quick nap with the island breeze blowing to keep you relaxed and refreshed.

On the main Beagle deck, your Deluxe stateroom awaits featuring ten cabins with one large king bed or two twin beds, large windows for panoramic views of the ocean and archipelago. Cabin amenities include: ample sectional closet, nightstand, seating area, modern décor with local art work, fine linens and towels, climate controls, Apple TV with pre-loaded movies, universal docking station and safe deposit box.  The private bathroom includes a modern shower, two-flush toilet, hair dryer, waffle bathrobes, biodegradable soaps and shampoo.

Our elegant dining room features marble table tops, with configurations from two to 10 guests for private or group dining. Lunch is generally served al fresco on our spacious sundeck, which is equipped with day beds, chaises lounges, tables, hammocks, a four-person Jacuzzi, outdoor shower and a wet bar. Our intimate indoor bar is always open for hand-crafted cocktails, wine, beer, sodas, juices, coffee, and tea.

Ecoventura is proud to have this vessel in our family, and we think you’ll agree! See what others are saying about the MV Origin. In honor of the Origin’s anniversary, we are even offering special discounts for your Galapagos cruise. See our website for more information on early bird deals.

We couldn’t be more happy with this new addition, and we can’t wait for you to join us onboard!