From the Galapagos with love

AUTHOR The Ecoventura Team

The Galapagos Islands, with it’s crystal clear waters, long sandy beaches and remarkable array of wildlife, is often referred to as a paradise on Earth.

Famed as a once-in-a-lifetime vacation destination (although a location as memorable as this one certainly warrants a return visit), it’s an ideal spot to celebrate any of life’s big events – a birthday, an anniversary, a retirement, or of course just going on holiday again after a year or two stuck at home!

With sunny weather all but guaranteed, a host of exhilarating excursions, food and drink worthy of the only Relais & Chateaux vessels in the islands, and sunsets over a vast horizon to gaze at each evening, there is a romance to the Galapagos that is hard to match elsewhere. So the other great event that is best celebrated in the Galapagos is, of course, an engagement or a mock wedding.

And don’t just take our word for it – we are delighted to say that there have been two such celebrations on our yachts in recent weeks.

Love on the Letty

Two weeks ago, Luc and his girlfriend Mackenzie joined us on board our first-class yacht Letty. Little did Mackenzie know that this trip would certainly be a trip to remember.

With the help of our willing crew, who were thrilled at the opportunity to assist on such a wonderful occasion, Luc put together a proposal planned to perfection.

A private zodiac escorted the unsuspecting bride-to-be and future husband – perhaps feeling a little nervous at this point – to the sandy shore. The gentle waves lapped softly at the golden sand as the warm sun descended slowly to the horizon. Showing some admirable chivalry, Luc carried Mackenzie to the beach – this is no time to be distracted by wet feet.

Leading Mackenzie to a path amongst the trees, the couple were met by a crewmember holding a sign. “My love, I invite you to the top”. Could it be that Mackenzie had an inkling of what was ahead?

A hidden trail led the couple to some wooden steps, climbing a hill to a viewing platform overlooking the beach and the blue sea beyond. Behind them a member of the team captured the moment as they walked hand in hand through the forest at sunset.

A third crewmember, with the captain, met the couple at the viewpoint, holding a sign with the words, ‘Let’s continue this adventure forever’.

As the couple arrived at the top, grinning and giggling with a growing sense of anticipation, they paused to catch their breath and enjoy the panoramas of the island, doused in the amber hues of the evening sun as it started to dip below the sea. At the far end, another sign mounted on a white tablecloth – the most important – read simply, “Mackenzie May, will you marry me?’.

As Luc dropped to one knee, he listed the multitude of reasons why he so loves his bride to be and wants to spend the rest of his life with her. The gentle breeze swished in the leaves beyond, as the air filled with the tweeting of birds – a finer setting for a proposal would be hard to find.

The crew watched on, ready to hand out chilled champagne to the happy couple, basking in the joy and excitement of such a momentous occasion.

With plenty of pictures on the platform and back down on the beach, Luc and Mackenzie enjoyed a few more minutes in this stunning spot that will forever mark a moment in their life together. Back on board, the celebrations continued with an extra special dinner and, of course, more champagne.

Wedding on the water

Not wanting to be outdone, the crew of our luxury yacht Theory were also involved in a romantic event of their own, as guests Sarah and Nicholas enjoyed a mock wedding on board, just off the shores of the iconic Bartolome beach.

After a day snorkeling with penguins – in the words of Daniela, our concierge on board, “how many couples can say they got married after that?!” – the happy couple headed to the sundeck with the other guests. As is so often the case on our voyages, the passengers on board weren’t previously known to each other, but had got on so famously they were all invited, and indeed remain in touch now.

The crew had set up tables and chairs ready for the occasion, with the captain waiting to lead the proceedings. Champagne and cocktails were at the ready to help all involved celebrate this wonderful event together.

The ceremony itself was conducted by the captain, waxing lyrical about the couple, their love for each other and the romantic setting, and presenting the pair with a certificate to remember the occasion by.

Following that, with lots of laughter and tears of happiness, the guests enjoyed a toast before being invited to dinner, where the Chef and his team had prepared a sumptuous feast, including a vegan wedding cake requested especially by the happy couple.

“It was, without doubt, an unforgettable day for the couple, but also for all the other passengers, who I’m sure weren’t expecting to celebrate a wedding on their trip to the Galapagos!”, remarked Daniela.

Enjoy your special moments in the Galapagos

A destination engagement can create memories to last a lifetime, especially in a location as beautiful and romantic as the Galapagos. Whether it’s a proposal, a mock wedding or a renewal of vows, or a birthday or other big event, our crew will always push the boat out to make it an unforgettable event.

We love organizing surprises, and will happily complete the celebrations with decorations, flowers, music and elaborate dinners. We even include tiered wedding cakes, bespoke invitations, chocolates and marriage certificates to truly make it special. As Mackenzie discovered, our crew can plan private zodiac trips or other excursions, and help suggest the perfect spot for a proposal or celebration.

So if you are planning a big event, why not get in touch with the team, and we would be delighted to help plan your special day here in the Galapagos!