Celebrate Your Big Day in the Galapagos – Mock Weddings with Ecoventura

AUTHOR Daniel Andino

One of the particularly special events offered to those cruising the Galapagos Islands with Ecoventura is a mock wedding or a renewal of vows ceremony.

Recently, the Ecoventura crew had the pleasure of hosting just such an event for two of our honored guests, Jean Szeles & Marianne Gibbs. After they returned home they were kind enough to allow us to share photos and answer a few questions so as to provide a better sense of what you can expect directly from the perspective of previous mock wedding participants.

How did you come to choose the Galapagos Islands & Ecoventura as the site & host for your special day?

“My partner and I decided to get married. We didn’t know when and there was no rush. We were also planning a trip to the Galapagos because it was a place we wanted to go for a long time. I had it down to 3 companies. I noticed Ecoventura offered mock weddings. I asked if they would do a lesbian wedding and they said “yes!” So, we went with Ecoventura and got married! It was the best decision we could have made!”

What did the crew as a whole do to go above and beyond in making you feel special during your cruise and on the day of your mock wedding?

“The entire crew was amazing every day…the food, the care, the attention to each person’s needs…they were awesome! For our wedding day, they were especially attentive. They decorated our room, joked with us about being nervous, and one of our guides even spoke at the wedding. The captain and entire crew were so congratulatory and seemed genuinely happy for us, it was truly heartwarming. The decorations, the care, the music, the details, everyone seemed to have a great time. We know we sure did!”

What was your favorite singular staff interaction and what did this person do to make you feel special during your trip?

“Wow, there were so many interactions that were special. Cooks made us special meals because we don’t eat gluten or meat. Claudia took great care of us getting on and off the boat, cleaning, doing so many things to make the trip so amazing. Christian, greeting us with treats after our outings. The captain, writing a short speech for the wedding and wanting us to read it first to be sure it was ok. Everyone who worked on the boat to keep us safe. The guides who showed such great respect and knowledge for the animals and the guests. The guests who all were so different but yet were so friendly and kind… There was no one person that stood out. It was the entire group and cruise that made it all so wonderful. …each one worked with the other to make this the trip of a lifetime for us.”

What was your favorite part of your wedding day spent with Ecoventura & why?

“The fact Ecoventura took such great care of us and gave such attention to detail was more than we expected and more than we even ever planned. All this made the day so special. We loved how they planned the entire day for us, from the start of a lovely ceremony at sunset to the music to close out the festivities. We could not have been happier. We were so touched by all the care and congratulations from the crew and all your staff.”

What was your favorite activity while onboard the yacht & why?

“Of course EATING! Oh my goodness, the food was amazing! Again, the crew never ceased to amaze with their creative and fresh innovations. Relaxing on deck after such great meals was also wonderful. Christian blew us away with his carvings of melons, squashes, etc. He is quite talented, to say the least!”

What was your favorite activity while ashore & why?

“We so loved swimming with the sea turtles! It was magical! All the animals, birds, sea life, iguanas…all of it was awesome. This is a trip of a lifetime!”

What was your favorite meal onboard the Letty Yacht & why?

“Lunches were wonderful. Ceviche and the fresh seafood were especially delicious. And then, the desserts!”

What was an experience you’d want to relive from your trip that you would highly recommend to others cruising the Galapagos with Ecoventura?

“Honestly, the entire trip was wonderful. It was the right combination of land excursions, swimming and snorkeling, and resting in between. The sea turtles, tortoises, boobies, frigate birds, finches, penguins, iguanas, and the sea lions were among some of the favorites! but then, so were the crabs, albatross, lizards, beautiful fish, the wedding, the amazing staff, the food, the first time kayaking… on and on…We have recommended your company to so many.”

Is there anything else about your mock wedding and cruise with Ecoventura that you would like to share with our readers?

“It was an experience of a lifetime! It truly was. It was more than either of us could ever imagine. Neither of us expected it to be as amazing and wonderful as it was. We have been quite a few places in the world to view animals but it is definitely true that to go to the Galapagos is indeed a trip of a lifetime. We cannot thank you enough!! Thank you too for the opportunity to share this feedback so others can know how wonderful the trip was for us!”

Congrats to the newlyweds Jean & Marianne!  Thank you for choosing the Ecoventura team to spend your amazing day with and for taking the time to share your experience of the entire trip with us.

Let Ecoventura and the Galapagos Islands play host to you and your loved ones as you exchange vows in a mock wedding of your own while vacationing in one of the most magical places on earth.  For participating couples, included with the ceremonies are wedding invitations, marriage certificates, three-tiered wedding cakes, decadent chocolates, petits fours, sparkling wine, elegant decorations, mood lighting candles, beautiful floral arrangements, and music to complete your sensory experience

Feel free to contact us with questions about booking your cruise or mock wedding anytime!