Culinary Cruise on the Origin was A Gastronomical Success!

AUTHOR Daniel Andino

A Gastronomical Success!

Ecoventura’s Culinary Cruise on Sep 16th-23rd was a delectable adventure for our food-loving travelers! The special Ecuadorian menu was prepared by Juan Carlos Ordonez; the talented chef behind Casa Julian in Guayaquil’s luxurious Hotel del Parque. He designed a tasting menu and gastronomic journey through the regional culinary specialties of Ecuador. This past summer Juan Carlos was honored by the James Beard Foundation to prepare his tasting menu, paired with local wines from Dos Hemisferios, at the James Beard House in New York City.

The Mission

This special Culinary Cruise was an exciting extension of Ecoventura’s culinary mission: All of our Galapagos cruises are staffed by talented culinary-trained chefs who bring the islands to your table with the freshest high-quality ingredients.

Ecoventura’s passion for conservation ran through every meal on board our Culinary Cruise, with 52% of our products being organic and 25% of our products sourced right here in the Galapagos.

We source meats and dairy from Santa Cruz and organic fruits and vegetables from San Cristobal. Of course, local seafood — prepared Ecuadorian style — was a crowd favorite!

The Voice of the Customer

According to our Ecoventura guest, Ashley C., “The meals were a true culinary delight… they were substantial, full of Ecuadorian flavor, visually stunning and made with local and fresh ingredients. Juan Carlos explained each dish in detail, his take on traditional Ecuadorian dishes, and how the dish related to the Ecuadorian culture. His food had a signature style that was modern and innovative while being true to Ecuadorian customs and flavors. I would highly recommend it to others – especially foodies, but also to anyone who is interested in fully immersing themselves into a complete Ecuadorian & Galapagos experience.”

What succulent dishes did our Ecoventura guests enjoy on the MV ORIGIN? Here’s one tasty example…

Ceviche Mixto de Mariscos Jipijapa con maíz tostado, pepinos cítrivos y chifles de plátano
Mixed seafood ceviche, “Jipijapa” style marinade with roasted corn, citrus cucumbers and plantain “Chifles”
Enigma 2017, San Miguel del Morro, Chardonnay

Humita Montubia con Seco de Pato Confitado, soubisse caramelizada, crocantes de queso añejo con miel y polen
Montubio style duck confit, corn “Humita”, caramelized soubise, cheese, honey and polen crisp
Bruma 2016, San Miguel del Morro, Cabernet/Merlot

Costillar de Cerdo con Llapingachos Chatos, aguacates ahumados, pesto de pepa de sambo
Braised pork Belly, flat “Llapingachos” confit yolk, crackling, smoked avocadoes and
pumpkin seed pesto
Travesía 2015, San Miguel del Morro, Cabernet Sauvignon

Mousse de Chocolate al 80%, Gelée de maracuyá, bizcochuelos esponjosos y nibs de cacao
80% Chocolate Mousse, passion fruit and cacao pulp gelée, chocolate and orange sponges with 65% chocolate gelato and spicy cocoa nib crumble

Paradoja 2015, San Miguel del Morro, Cabernet /Malbec

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Individualized Attention

And for Ecoventura guests who had special dietary needs — gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian, low sodium/low fat, etc. — we were pleased to accommodate you! Our chefs make sure you don’t have to sacrifice Ecuadorian flavor when dining differently from your fellow passengers. He offered health-conscious preparations that highlighted the quality and incredible flavor with every ingredient.

As Mark S. said, “Our week on board the ORIGIN was the trip of a lifetime! And what an incredible experience to come in from witnessing the best nature has to offer, to a five-star dining experience. It is rare to have the opportunity to experience five-star cuisine in such an intimate setting as with our new friends on board the ORIGIN.”

Extraordinary Efforts

The Ecoventura Culinary Cuisine event, which required a year of planning by Chef Juan Carlos, is leading the food revolution and bringing fine Ecuadorian cuisine to the US and beyond. In fact, a documentary is already in the works!

A big thank you to Juan Carlos and all of our amazing guests who gave themselves a delicious food lover/travel experience by joining us on our Culinary Cuisine cruise. If you are interested in cruising through the Galapagos Islands, you can’t go wrong with any Ecoventura offering.

Just ask Relais & Châteaux — whose select members are chosen because of their superior food & beverages, and for having a desire to protect and promote the richness and diversity of the world’s cuisine; including the traditions of hospitality — as we just became one of only 21 new members selected to join their prestigious association.

Treat yourself; take a sneak peek at the upcoming adventures. Visit Ecoventura to learn more or book your cruise here!