Origin is Selected into the Prestigious Relais & Châteaux collection

AUTHOR Daniel Andino

Ecoventura is honored that the MV ORIGIN has become one of only 21 new members selected to join the prestigious Relais & Châteaux Association. The properties embody the values of the association; the passing down of a unique history and a rich cultural heritage, as well as a commitment to preserving the environment—all while offering one-of-a-kind experiences and quality services in exceptional settings.

This vision is supported by Philippe Gombert, International President of Relais & Châteaux: “Whether chef, hotelier or restaurateur, every Relais & Châteaux member must be motivated by a passion for his or her craft. Each must share strong values and possess a human identity that is fully committed and driven by the desire to bring local cultures to life. ”

Relais & Châteaux History

Established in 1954, Relais & Châteaux is a discerning association of approximately 550 landmark hotels and restaurants operated by independent innkeepers, chefs, and owners who share a passion for their businesses and a desire for authenticity in their relationships with their clientele.

Relais & Châteaux is established around the globe, from the Napa Valley vineyards and French Provence, to the Galapagos Islands. They offer an introduction to a lifestyle inspired by local culture and a unique dip into human history while protecting and promoting the richness and diversity of the world’s hospitality. They are committed to preserving local heritage and the environment, as encompassed in the Charter presented to UNESCO 40 years ago.

MV ORIGIN – Ecoventura as Featured on the Relais & Châteaux Website

They describe Ecoventura’s MV ORIGIN in the Galapagos Islands as an intimate cruise, and go on to say:

“Discovering the Galapagos aboard the prestigious vessel MV ORIGIN is truly a unique experience. A variety of activities are available for the passengers: snorkeling, paddle-boarding, hiking, kayaking, and observing natural wonders in the wild. The MV ORIGIN promotes sustainable tourism to its passengers by choosing to limit its carbon emissions and creating a fund dedicated to the protection of the environment and the island’s biodiversity.”

Get a glimpse into the MV ORIGIN Galapagos cruise guest experience: “An exceptional destination, an exceptional experience… Embark aboard the MV ORIGIN for an unforgettable adventure discovering the sumptuous landscapes of the volcanic Galápagos Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pristine nature of the Galapagos islands serves as your constant companion, be it while lounging on the yacht or during one of the many activities, such as hiking with a naturalist guide, kayaking, or observing marine wildlife from a glass-bottom boat. Cap your days of exploration with a cocktail on the deck and dinner served on marble tables, before enjoying the pleasure of falling asleep in front of your very own panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean.”

The MV ORIGIN Takes Luxury Cruising to the Next Level  

Sleek, stylish, and modern spaces make you feel like you are on board a luxury boutique hotel. And every element of the yacht has been designed for comfort, safety, and sustainable tourism. From spacious staterooms with panoramic windows to world-class cuisine. The MV ORIGIN is Ecoventura’s dream boat, blending the best of tasteful design and decor, luxury amenities, and environmental sustainability.

The MV ORIGIN offers an unforgettable cruising experience matched only by the incomparable nature of the islands we visit.

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