Savor Plant-Based Dining Options While Cruising The Galapagos With Ecoventura

AUTHOR Daniel Andino

Gone are the days of settling for whatever plant-based option is available while on vacation! Here at Ecoventura, we know that the culinary experience is an important part of your travels and you shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality to eat according to your vegan or vegetarian diet during your Galapagos cruise. That is why on our vessels, we are prepared to accommodate special dietary needs and preferences!

Sustainability and environmental considerations are important parts of our business model and we know many of our guests choose Ecoventura for that reason. As scientists and environmentalists learn more about climate change and our changing Earth, diet has become an important part of the conversation. Following a plant-focused diet is good for both your health and the environment. We offer vegetarian and vegan options to maximize your enjoyment of your Galapagos cruise without worry!

Sustainability In Our Kitchen

Sustainable food movements are on the rise! People are turning towards organic, locally sourced, and plant-based meal options. This way of eating is becoming more popular every year as people choose to be more sustainable and to reduce the resources required by the production of their food.

On all departures, we carry our sustainability philosophy into the kitchen where every year we increase the amount of locally sourced ingredients. This helps minimize the risk of non-native species impacting the local environment and reduces the resources needed to ship ingredients to us.

More than 25 percent of our food comes from the Galapagos and almost 52 percent is organic! We mainly source fruits and vegetables from San Cristobal and meats and dairy from Santa Cruz Island.


Our Vegan & Vegetarian Options

For passengers who aim to reduce or eliminate their consumption of animal products, we are happy to accommodate vegan and vegetarian diets upon request! Just let us know in advance and our talented culinary team will whip up something delicious to satisfy you after a full day of adventure.

Our chefs have been trained to offer our guests creative vegetarian and vegan dishes and they are happy to modify meals for any special diets or requirements. That means all of you gluten-free, low-fat, soy-free vegans of the world who also have a nut allergy can enjoy your dinner without worry!

Breakfast and lunch are served buffet style on all of our vessels. These meals always offer vegan and vegetarian options such as fresh and cooked vegetables and other meatless options. We offer lactose-free cheese, milk, and yogurt options as well as vegan yogurts made with coconut and almonds.

For dinner, we will offer you a four-course vegetarian or vegan menu depending on your personal preferences. The dinner menu offers a variety to please any palate. Our chefs replace animal protein with a range of options such as tofu, seitan, quinoa, beans, couscous, soy, and corn flour. We also offer homemade veggie patties made of lentils, chickpeas, black beans, and soy.

These aren’t the bland veggie options you find other places! Our kitchen incorporates spices like turmeric, cardamom, coriander, curry, and saffron. You are sure to find some Lebanese influences because our vegetarian chef instructor is from that part of the world.

Enjoy starters like Fresh Mushroom Risotto with Goat Cheese and Truffle Oil, Crunchy Polenta and Amaranth Pastries with Tomato Jam and Roasted Fennel, or a fresh Asian Vegetable Salad.

The soup course is next and includes options like Corn Chowder, Pumpkin Cream, or Tomato Soup Cream with Roasted Vegetables and Pesto.

Mains are selected by each passenger from a menu presented during lunch hour. Every option is flavorful and thoughtfully crafted by our culinary team. Try our Vegan Crispy Tofu with Guava and Spiced Pineapple Barbecue Sauce accompanied by Baked Sweet Potatoes Puree or savor our Eggplant Lasagna with Fig Confit, Blue Cheese Mousse, Brioche Toast and Herb Vinaigrette.

Delicious desserts are always a priority! We can modify dessert options using vegan ingredients or meet gluten-free diets if desired using almond milk, soy milk, almond flour, etc. Savor the sweet end of your meal with Créme brûlée, Flambée Bananas, Berries Panna Cotta, or a satisfying Quinoa Pudding.

Other Dietary Requirements?

We know dietary needs aren’t simple and often they involve more than one restriction. Your health is important to us and we are happy to work with you to customize your meal.

Our chefs have been trained to cater to our clients’ dietary needs such as:

  • Vegan
  • Lacto-ovo vegetarian
  • Pescatarian
  • Low-sodium
  • Low-carb
  • Low-fat
  • Any food allergy including gluten-free, lactose, shellfish, tree nuts and more.

Whether you are a vegan/vegetarian for ethical reasons, low-sodium for your health, or dealing with allergies, we want to make sure your dietary needs are met. Just let us know in advance and our talented culinary team will whip up something delicious to satisfy your palate. Eating differently from other guests will never mean missing out on the culinary experience on board our vessels. 

After all, it’s a vacation! You don’t need anything to worry about except how to get the perfect sea lion photo. 🙂

If you have any questions about our cuisine or would like to book a Galapagos cruise with us, reach out today and let’s talk about what options work for you!