Travel Tips for traveling to the Galapagos Islands

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The last two weeks of December and first week of January are high season in the Galapagos, and for good reason. These popular weeks are booked out at least a year in advance so friends and families can spend the holidays adventuring through the Galapagos together. Keep reading below for what you can expect during these months in the Galapagos and our best tips for holiday travel.

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Holiday Travel Tips for the Galapagos Islands

Come Prepared

When you travel during the holidays you will always encounter crowds, but if you come prepared, you can breeze through the airport and travel traffic. Making simple changes in your travel plans such as leaving early for the airport, packing light, checking to make sure you have all your important documents together the night before you leave and staying fueled with healthy food and plenty of water will help combat the long day.

Book Early

Holiday cruises are typically booked a year in advance, so start planning early. This means you need to book your cruise, airfare and any other add-on trips you want to do while you are in the Ecuador.

Find out what extension trips are available with your cruise.

** As we mentioned above, we have available cabins for our holiday dates THIS YEAR – email us today to find out how you can be cruising through the Galapagos in a few months!

Pack Light

Traveling with less will help you reduce your stress. Challenge yourself to fit everything you need in a carry on so your check in process will go quicker and you don’t have to worry about the airline losing your suitcase.

Arriving in the Galapagos, local customs authorities allow two suitcases with a total combined weight of 60 kilos per person.  A fee of $200.00 is charged for a third suitcase and $400.00 for a fourth suitcase, excluding carry-on bags.

Use the packing list on our site to help guide you as you pack.


Holidays always seem to be accompanied with mayhem. The Galapagos is the perfect remedy for the holiday chaos. Turn off your electronics and take a digital detox with us as you spend time with your family. This is your vacation so make it a once in a life time holiday this year that you won’t forget.


What you can expect in December and January?

Calm Seas and Sunshine

During the months of December and January you will experience mostly sunny weather and relatively calm seas. The warmer weather brings warmer water so you won’t want to stop snorkeling!

Wildlife Encounters

Although there is always something to see and experience in the Galapagos, December and January are when green sea turtles start to lay eggs on the beaches and Giant Tortoise eggs begin to hatch. Two very exciting months you don’t want to miss!

No Crowds

Despite it being some of the busiest weeks in the Galapagos, the islands won’t feel overcrowded because the National Park regulates the number of tourists that can visit each site. Park Rangers check that itineraries are upheld, naturalist guides are licensed and number of guests on-board are within regulations. They do this to protect the land and create a sustainable environment for the wildlife, while still allowing tourists to come and experience the beauty.

This means that you can travel during our high season and not feel as if you are surrounded by crowds.

Email us today to start planning your trip this holiday season!