The Importance of a Digital Detox

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Your alarm goes off in the morning and you do a quick check of your mail before you get out of bed. While you’re at it, you scroll your Facebook page to make sure there isn’t any breaking news with any of your friends. You’re finally up and showered and flip the TV on while you make coffee and eat a quick breakfast. Your drive to work is quick, but once at work you sign on to check any work emails and scan the internet for the day’s news.

Can you relate?

In today’s world it’s hard to escape technology, even if you try. Our books are now Kindles, our radio is Pandora, we shop at Amazon and Netflix is our nightly entertainment. We live in a tech driven society and for one week with us in the Galapagos we challenge you to turn off your electronical devices and go on a digital detox.

What is a Digital Detox?

A Digital Detox is a period of time where you take yourself away from screens. You put down your smartphone and laptop to reduce stress and interact with the world.


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What You Can Expect from a Digital Detox:

You will be a little stressed (at first)

We are so connected to our phones or tablets that the very act of turning them off is stressful. When we should be enjoying the peace and quiet of nature, our minds jump to “who’s emailing me” and “what am I missing out on”. It’s hard, and getting through the first 24 hours will be the worst.

You will feel recharged

Once you get through the first 24 hours of the detox you will forget you even brought your phone on vacation. You will sit at the end of the day with a glass of wine looking at one of the most spectacular sunsets and you will feel completely relaxed (when was the last time that happened?).


Nature will overwhelm you

When was the last time you were immersed in nature? The beauty of the Galapagos is overwhelming and you can expect to be amazed. The vibrant colors of the Galapagos are breathtaking. The unique wildlife will capture you and the history of the islands will fascinate you. The Galapagos is nature in its purest form.

You will be in the moment

When we are checking our email, Facebook and Twitter we are in the presence of other people and their events. When you take a digital detox you will find yourself more engaged in the moment. You will be noticing details of the landscape, hearing the birds talk, smelling the ocean air and having deeper conversations with the friends and family around you.

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You will enjoy it

You will sleep sounder, breathe deeper, have more energy and wake up with less stress. You will have the time to pause and reflect while you are sitting next to a sea lion on the beach or hiking across lava rock. We think you will surprise yourself with how much you enjoy turning your electronics off.

You will return to the digital world

Don’t worry, a digital detox doesn’t mean you swear off technology forever. After logging off for one week and unplugging, you will return to the digital world and you will see that everything is how you left it.

Use your new-found peace to prioritize your schedule. Stop over-scheduling yourself and your family, embrace being in the moment, and don’t forget to turn off your cell phones every now and then!

You will want another detox soon!

Schedule a digital detox every year. Turn off your electronics and give yourself the chance to unplug from our technology driven world, it’s good for your soul!