What You Need To Know to Scuba Dive In The Galapagos Islands

AUTHOR Daniel Andino

The Galapagos archipelago is located where major ocean currents come together — combining cold waters from the south with warm currents from the north and cooler currents from the west. This combination of nutrient rich water has created diverse and beautiful marine life that now makes the islands so unique. Scuba enthusiasts flock to the Galapagos Islands to experience diving encounters unlike anywhere else on earth.

We offer experienced scuba divers the ability to cruise with our dedicated scuba Live aboard – the 16-passenger luxury vessel, M/V Galapagos Sky.  The Galapagos Sky is one of just a few dive boats that spends 3-4 days at the northern islands of Wolf and Darwin (on every trip) – known as high-octaine diving for whale sharks, schooling hammerheads, and manta rays.


Photo Credit: Galapagos Sky

We often get asked questions about diving in the Galapagos from guests and wanted to share this helpful FAQ guide with you, to help you prepare for your next diving adventure in the Galapagos Islands:

Can I scuba dive while on board the Origin, Eric, or Letty yachts?

The national park regulates all activities on tour boats in the Galapagos. Our operational permits (or patentes) allow us to offer guided walks, snorkeling, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding and zodiac rides.  On our yachts we offer one and sometimes two snorkeling opportunities daily — either from the beach, or in deeper water from the zodiac boat for those who are comfortable in the ocean.  Only the dedicated scuba tour boats (such as the Galapagos Sky) are licensed to offer scuba diving as an activity from the tour boat.


What can you offer Ecoventura clients who want to scuba dive?

If you want to cruise on the Origin, Eric, or Letty yachts, one option is to arrange to dive with a local dive shop the day we are in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz (which on itinerary A is Thursday and on itinerary B is on Saturday). Clients can arrange to dive with the dive shop and we can provide transportation to and from the dive shop.  However, by choosing to dive, guests would miss the visits we offer that day to the highlands of Santa Cruz and the breeding station.

Another option would be to extend your stay in the Galapagos before or after your Ecoventura cruise. For example, you could stay at a hotel in San Cristobal and arrange to do daily dive trips to the central dive sites with one of the dive shops there.

How would you suggest I plan for a scuba diving trip to the Galapagos?

For passengers that want to dive at Wolf and Darwin, we recommend combining a week of diving with a week of land excursions for the best of both worlds in the Galapagos Islands. For example, experienced certified divers can combine a week of diving on the Galapagos Sky with a week of land excursions and non-diving activities on the Origin, Eric, or Letty – provided they have the time and budget for a two week trip.

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