family enjoying Isabela on the Galapagos Islands">

Family Departures

“To do so as a family and witness your children or grandchildren first hand taking in the stark beauty of the islands, searching for tortoises under sour apple trees, or blowing bubbles in the ocean with sea lion pups is equal parts amazing and unforgettable.”

{Kelly S, California (USA) August 2020, Theory}

Galapagos Luxury Family Cruises

Onboard the Ecoventura fleet, we offer designated family departures geared toward families who prefer to travel with other families with children, teenagers, college-age, and multi-generational. Luxury family departures are offered during major school breaks and feature exclusive age-appropriate activities that bring the magic of the Galapagos to a multi-generational audience.

During departures with teenagers, for example, our excursions will be faster in pace and more physically demanding. Expect longer hikes and more kayaking and snorkeling opportunities. Travelers with teenagers who book on our summer family EPI departures can participate in a cultural exchange with local Galapagueño students through Ecology Project International. This, of course, is only an example of how we can customize the specific family departure based on the age group aboard.

The following sailings in 2023 are designated as family-oriented departures one of three identical luxury expedition yachts: Origin, Theory & Evolve. As a reminder, Itinerary A is for our Beaches and Bays, Southern and Central Route. Itinerary B is for our Volcanic Wonders, Western and Northern RoutePlease check with us at the time of booking. Some family trip dates may already be sold out.

  • July 30-06 August-A 2023
  • August 06-13-B 2023
  • August 13-20-A 2023
  • November 19-26-A
  • December 24-31-B festive
  • December 31-07 January-A Festive
  • January 07-14-B 2024
  • February 18-25-B 2024
  • March 10-17-A 2024
  • March 17-24-B 2024
  • March 24-31-A 2024
  • March 31-07 April-B 2024
  • April 07-14-A 2024
  • June 09-16-B 2024
  • June 16-23-A 2024
  • June 23-30-B 2024
  • June 30-07 July-A 2024
  • July 07-14-B 2024
  • July 14-21-A 2024
  • July 21-28-B 2024
  • July 28-04 August-A 2024
  • August 04-11-B 2024
  • August 11-18-A 2024
  • August 18-25-B 2024
  • August 25-01 September-A 2024
  • November 24-01 December-B 2024
  • December 15-22-A 2024
  • December 22-29-B- Festive 2024
  • December 29-05 January-A Festive 2024


Discounts for Children on Galapagos Family Trips

Children age 17 years and younger at the time of sailing are entitled to a 15% discount off the cruise rate. Children age 11 and under have 30% discount on airfare and the park entrance fee is $50 with proof of age and a copy of the child’s passport showing date of birth. Children age 5 and under are not accepted unless the parents or legal guardians sign a hold harmless release.  Designated family and family teen departures are offered during school breaks. Children age 4 and under are  permitted on private charter only. 

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