Quicker, smoother and more efficient – introducing our complete luxury fleet

AUTHOR The Ecoventura Team

Ecoventura has officially announced the launch of Evolve – the third luxury expedition vessel in its prestigious fleet.

Evolve, which has taken three years of hard graft to complete, joins sister ships Origin and Theory as she took to the water last week to complete her maiden voyage around the Galapagos.

Our sophisticated, luxuriously comfortable yachts are the only vessels sailing the Galapagos that are members of the esteemed Relais & Chateaux association. The fleet offers guests unrivalled levels of luxury and service, not to mention an opportunity to explore the most remote reaches of this extraordinary archipelago in the company of our dedicated naturalists and crew.

The Eco in Ecoventura

Operating as we do in such a pristine and delicate ecosystem; we have also looked to minimize our environmental impact – even down to the design of our vessels.

With cutting edge wave-piercing keels and an underwater bulb design, all built from a mixture of steel and lightweight composite materials, our custom-built expedition yachts are 30% more efficient than our original fleet, reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions.

What’s more, the design allows our ships to slice smoothly through the seas, reaching speeds of up to 14 knots, allowing for smoother, more stable sailing as well as maximum time for exploration, further cutting emissions as we can spend less time on the move and more time enjoying the location.

As our vessels are smaller than many of their counterparts – we carry a maximum of 20 guests on each yacht – we can reach corners of the Galapagos that remain out of reach to many of the larger ships, whilst also offering the lowest guest-to-guide ratio in the islands. Our inflatable zodiac launches, used to transport guests to coves, caves, beaches and mangroves, have all been fitted with electric motors to reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions and noise pollution.

Astute design features on board further enhance our sustainability credentials. Our yachts are fitted with water treatment systems and ecological dual-flush toilets, with bathroom amenities specially chosen to be biodegradable – all efforts to protect the marine environment and the creatures that inhabit it.

Sustainability has been at the heart of what we do for years. We have spearheaded and supported a large number of conservation efforts, and recently opened a recycling centre on the island to ensure no waste from our operations is sent to landfill in the Galapagos.

Innovative design

Evolve isn’t the only one of our fleet that has recently emerged from the shipyard.

Origin, the first of our three identical yachts to launch, back in 2016, recently received a makeover so is looking as fresh and sharp as ever!

On all three vessels, ten bright and airy designer staterooms with panoramic ocean views are located on the same deck. Cabins come with twin, triple or king size beds and the private bathrooms are packed with modern amenities and high-end, eco-friendly products. Two sets of cabins feature interconnecting doors – ideal for young families – whilst cabins can also be converted into premium suites, offering extra-spacious accommodation and a little extra intimacy for those who want it.

Modern spaces

The expansive salon lounge and dining areas are comfortable and contemporary, with designs inspired by the calming nature of the Galapagos; often the beating heart of the ship, where travelers gather for excursion briefings and to relax, socialize and catch up after a day exploring the islands.

With our generous open bar policy, guests have access to a tempting variety of drinks, including spirits, craft cocktails and fine wines. Our well-equipped indoor fitness center is guaranteed to keep active types happy, but for anyone who’d rather unwind head to the sundeck and enjoy a soothing soak in the open air jacuzzi!

Our decks are fully fitted with stylish teak floorboards and offer a number of comfortable outdoor areas from which guests can unwind, taking their pick from large sofas, sun-loungers and daybeds. Barbecue lunches, drinks and snacks are served from the sundeck, so guests can enjoy watching the islands sail past with a drink in hand.

Gastronomic excellence

Our talented chefs produce exquisite dishes worthy of a Relais & Chateaux property, using seasonal, locally sourced ingredients.

Passionate about producing high end fare that is also healthy and sustainable, our chegs source the majority of their ingredients from local farmers on the islands, whilst seafood is caught by local fishermen and is as fresh as can be. What’s more, fish have been chosen with sustainability in mind; we serve brujo instead of salmon, and our shellfish and lobster is abundant in local waters.

A choice of adventures

Guests can choose between two unique itineraries, each a week in length.

Accompanied by experienced, knowledgeable and passionate guides, the excursions are the highlight of any trip to the Galapagos, as guests marvel at the landscapes and abundant wildlife that have entranced visitors for centuries.

Itinerary A – Beaches and Bays – explores the southern and central regions of the Galapagos. Visit some of the islands’ finest beaches inhabited by harems of sea lions, kayak off beautiful Gardner Bay, look for waved albatross and blue-footed boobies on Espanola Island and visit the Galapagos’ oldest post office on Floreana.

Itinerary B – Volcanic Wonders – takes in the remoter north and west of the Galapagos, characterized by dramatic volcanic landscapes and an unmatched selection of wildlife; penguins, red-footed boobies and flightless cormorants. Hundreds of marine iguanas scatter these distant beaches, whilst pirates also took advantage of the more remote locations; Tagus Cove was a popular hiding spot where graffiti from the 1800s still daubs the rock faces.

Ecoventura also offers guests the chance to combine the two itineraries above into a comprehensive back to back expedition – ideal if you can’t decide between the two!

With the launch of Evolve our luxury expedition fleet is now complete, so why not get in touch to plan a trip to explore these fascinating, beautiful islands for yourself?