Never has the Galapagos Looked This Good!

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The Galapagos Islands tops bucket lists as one of the most desired destinations to visit. The unique wildlife, variety of landscapes and well-preserved ecosystem offer a once in a lifetime experience. Nowhere else in the world can you walk a pristine beach among sea lions, snorkel with penguins, hike an active volcano and watch the mating dance of the blue footed booby all in the same week.


Any Galapagos cruise will give you the chance to experience a remarkable destination, see the endemic species of wildlife and leave you with hundreds of photographs from your memorable trip. You will be accompanied by expert naturalist guides and be offered the opportunity to kayak and snorkel throughout the week.
You can expect this type of experience aboard a cruise, but nothing else compares to our new vessel, M/V Origin.

Santiago Dunn, President of Ecoventura, is designing the MV Origin to be the most comfortable and environmentally efficient yacht in the Galapagos. With two decades of experience in sustainable travel, he aims to reduce fossil fuel consumption by 45%, which isn’t easy considering we will be cruising at 12 knots so that our guests can spend as much time as possible at each site.  The naturalist guides and captain are hand-picked to provide you with an educational week and exceptional service while you are touring each island.

You might be reading this and still doubt that MV Origin can provide such a unique and different experience from the others in the islands?

What Makes the MV Origin unlike any other Galapagos Cruise?

Your spacious cabin will be located on the main “Beagle” deck, with a panoramic window so you can wake up and fall asleep to the stunning views of the ocean and archipelago.


We believe our culinary-schooled chefs to be the best in the Islands (come on board and taste test for yourself!). Every day you will experience gourmet style meals made with locally sourced and healthy ingredients that can be tailored to your tastes and needs. Your group can choose to sit indoors or al-fresco dining as you savor each course and make the most of the scenery.

Your time in between Island excursions on the yacht doesn’t need to be spent in your stateroom. There are semi-private nooks for you to escape to and relax on the boat or use one of our three lounge areasthe library and computer station or social area with a satellite TV. This is your vacation and should be spent relaxing however you choose.


M/V Origin’s itinerary caters to an active and evolved lifestyle that will be spent walking the exclusive beaches and snorkeling alongside native wildlife. For those who favor extra workouts, whether it be weights or cardio, a fitness center is available to use 24/7. If your muscles get sore or you simply want to pamper yourself, a masseuse is available on board for charters at an additional charge.


The spacious sun deck is equipped with a fully stocked wet bar, BBQ, lounges and hammocks.  The ample space will comfortably fit your entire group as you meet after dinner and watch the sun set together in the open ocean air.


Whether it’s a cold beer, glass of wine or umbrella topped cocktail, indulge in your drink of choice at the bar and enjoy Origin’s open bar policy throughout your cruise.

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After you finish the creatively prepared gourmet dinner, workout in the fitness center and cheers with your favorite cocktail – end the evening soaking in Origin’s jacuzzi while you share stories from the day with your group. It is always fun to reminisce with your new friends about the weeks adventures and other travel stories. 8

The Origin is scheduled to be in operation for its first cruise in Galapagos on January 3, 2016.

We hope you will join us on this exciting new vessel in 2016!