Join Us On Ecoventura’s Specialty Focus On Photography Departures – November 2018

AUTHOR Daniel Andino

Taking photographs during your Galapagos cruise with us is a great way to carry special memories home with you. Though you are sure to have wonderful photos no matter when you travel with us, wouldn’t it be nice to get a few tips from a pro? That is where renowned local Ecuadorian photographer, Mauricio Torres, comes in!

For all of you photography lovers or aspiring photographers, our Focus on Photography departures are an exciting opportunity to explore the Galapagos Islands and pick up a few tips and tricks from a pro with experience capturing wildlife on film.

Please note: All of our photography enrichments are optional and offered when passengers are already spending time on our vessel such as before breakfast, after lunch, and after dinner. Special photography activities won’t interfere with any of our regularly scheduled Galapagos activities and excursions in any way, so you can still expect plenty of time snorkeling with sea lions and hiking the beautiful beaches alongside land iguanas.

Ecoventura’s Photography Experience in the Galapagos:

A few of the enrichments offered to those embarking on our photography departures are:

  1. An informal optional class (no more than one hour) full of tips on wildlife photography and practical tips, so that guests can make the most of the time they have to actively shoot wildlife and receive expert critiques from Mauricio. In addition, some basic lighting tips will be provided for shooting in natural light conditions including how different types of light can be used to your advantage.
  2. A small guide will be printed for guests including photos and information on wildlife from the islands. This can be taken to the island as a guide for guests to identify what they are shooting.
  3. To end the cruise, there will be a farewell gathering featuring a slideshow exhibiting some of the best guest photography from the week accompanied by music.

Mauricio will accompany guests during their shore walks where he’ll discretely photograph you and your companions to obtain candid photographs that you’ll be able to cherish for a lifetime. You can expect an abundance of incredible photographs to come from your Galapagos cruise, both of the local scenery and wildlife as well as of you and your travel companions.

Departure Dates:

We are offering our photography departures on our luxury yacht, the MV ORIGIN.  Plus, you can choose from Itinerary A or Itinerary B!

The Focus on Photography departures are scheduled for:

  • NOVEMBER 04-11, 2018 – Itinerary B
  • NOVEMBER 11-18, 2018 – Itinerary A

Rates are $7850 per person double occupancy and we have some great specials going on now!


  • Book soon and get a 10% Early Bird discount!  
  • Book both weeks back-to-back for a two-week trip and get an additional 5% discount.
  • We are offering Free Wi-Fi on departures from September 9 to December 9. That means you can share your photos online with your friends and family while still on your Galapagos cruise!

Don’t wait too late to book your cabin because these discounts will expire 180 days prior to the departure dates.

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Contact us today with any questions about our special departures or to book your Galapagos cruise with us!