Ecoventura Celebrates Earth Day 2017

AUTHOR Daniel Andino

Following Earth Day 2017 (observed around the globe on April 22nd), Ecoventura wants to ask you: What was your Earth Day pledge this year? What do you do in your everyday life to reduce your carbon footprint and efforts to save our planet?

Earth Day was celebrated on all Ecoventura yachts; Eric, Letty, MV Origin – and our dive live aboard Galapagos Sky – on April 22 2017. On all of our yachts, we hosted a dinner and cocktail event on board, complete with a cake in the shape of a globe, fruit carved in earthly figures, and more to celebrate the occasion!

We asked our passengers to engage in discussion with other guests and crew to share their personal Earth Day pledges and conservation tips.

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In honor of this holiday, and our continued commitment to sustainability, we used paper-made straws instead of plastic straws, and did not use any balloons as they are not biodegradable.

One of reusable paper adornments we will have during the celebrations on board

These are several ways we can help protect the beautiful environment we’re surrounded by every day, and we would love to share more ideas with you on how you can do the same…

Check out a few of our favorite sustainable travel tips for cruising in the Galapagos below.

  1. Book flight itineraries to the Galapagos with the fewest amount of stops – a large portion of carbon emissions is during the take off and landing.
  2. Please use the garbage receptacles placed on each decks with separate containers for plastics, paper, glass and organic waste.
  3. Reuse towels and sheets instead of having them changed during the week.
  4. Keep your showers short to help save water.
  5. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth.
  6. Turn off lights/air/television etc. when you leave the room.
  7. Bring biodegradable sunscreens and lotions if possible. Ecoventura will supply you with biodegradable soap, shampoo and conditioner.
  8. Use reusable water bottles. During the cruise, we will provide you will a water bottle (or you can bring one) that you can refill from our containers of purified water made from our reverse osmosis water maker.
  9. Please reuse our brochure and give it a friend – our brochures are post-consumer wasted recycled paper.
  10. Do not disturb or remove any native plant, rock or animal on land or in the water.
  11. Be careful not to transport any live material or sand to the islands.
  12. Do not take any food or drink except water to the uninhabited islands.
  13. Do not touch, pet or feed the wildlife.
  14. You must stay within several feet and avoid taking any flash photography.
  15. Do not startle or chase any animal from its nesting place.
  16. Do not leave any trash on the Islands or throw any litter overboard.
  17. Follow the marked trails at all times and do not walk out of their limits.
  18. Stay together with your guide who must accompany all passengers on the trails.
  19. Do not buy souvenirs of objects made from native Galapagos products (except for wood) especially black coral, sea lion teeth and shells of the Galapagos tortoises. Better yet, take only pictures and leave destinations as you found them.

How will you reduce your carbon footprint and efforts to save our planet in 2017? Did we leave something off our list that you do to help conserve resources when you travel? Let us know in the comments!