Hot Off the Press – Media Coverage in 2020

AUTHOR The Ecoventura Team

As the year draws to an end and we say farewell to 2020, we have taken a moment to reflect on some of the remarkable coverage our yachts have had in the media this year. It’s a true testimony to the wonderful voyages our teams, guides, and crews have continued to create for our guests in one of the world’s most unique locations, even in a year of such challenges.

OutThere Magazine – “Natural Selection

“As Galápagos expedition yachts go, Theory and the other members of the specialist Ecoventura fleet define luxury”.

Aspire Magazine from the Aspire Travel Club – “Wildlife Wonderland” 

“We watch sea lions surf the waves and spot the famed blue-footed boobies proudly parading their Tiffany-turqoise feet” writes Hollie-Rae Brader in her evocative piece.

Sheridan Road Magazine – “Paradise Found

“There is no better way to interact with the Galapagos Islands’ incredible beauty than on Ecoventura-operated sister ships Theory and Origin, Relais & Chateaux ten-cabin mega-yachts”, writes writer Dustin O’Regan.

Conde Nast Traveler 2020 Readers’ Choice Awards

Ecoventura was voted 7th in the Small Ships category – thank you to all who voted for us!

Travel + Leisure – “The Cool New Cruise Ships Coming to Ecuador and the Galápagos Islands

“Ecoventura helped spark the movement toward design-minded ships… Each of the identical 142-foot vessels, which are part of the Relais & Chateaux collection, hold just 20 guests.”

The Galavanting Gastronome – “Sailing through the Galápagos Archipelago

“There’s no better way to experience the Galápagos Islands than on an Ecoventura yacht. The level of luxury, commitment to service and professionalism makes for a wonderful experience. Hospitality is not just a buzzword on board an Ecoventura yacht, it is their raison d’être.”

American Way Magazine “Resorts offer property buyouts to travelers looking for isolated escapes

“If you can get yourself to the Galapagos, there’s probably no better time to have the islands to yourself” notes contributor Leila Cobo. “Isolation is the new luxury.”

Departures – “Safely Travel on a Private Yacht Around the Galapagos This Summer

“Ecoventura is letting guests charter their luxury expedition yachts for week-long itineraries this summer, where you’ll privately island hop in the archipelago… You can go snorkeling or kayaking, take a beach walk or a hiking tour that brings you up close and personal to the destination’s most fascinating species.”

Bloomberg – “A Cruise – Yes, a Cruise – Will Be The Way I Recover After All This

Dreaming of a luxury aquatic safari through the Galapagos Islands is how writer Fran Golden imagines happier days ahead. “Wandering among animals in this raw and wild place, 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, I had never felt so in tune with nature—and alive.”

Indulge Magazine “A World Within Itself

Angela Caraway-Carlton waxes lyrical about a week with Ecoventura: “During the week you’ll visit around 8-9 islands, each with different personalities, astonishing landscapes that drastically range from idyllic beaches to barren volcanic rock, and mind-blowing animal encounters – all while soaking up the posh amenities and gourmet food that are synonymous with the Relais & Chateaux name.”

Flipboard – Galapagos listed as the Number 1 Bucket-List Destination 

A series of blogs by Points & Travels’ Dr Cacinda Maloney are grouped in to one, extensive storybook. “Literally, there is NOTHING quite like the Galapagos Islands, and going there with Ecoventura raises it to a whole other level”. Well said Cacinda!

Fortune – “Galapagos cruises spotlight economic and environmental pressures challenging the islands

Ecoventura’s ships “offer state-of-the-art facilities, including a hot tub, well-appointed cabins – all with sea views – and comfortable dining and common areas. What they aren’t is big, which is actually a virtue in the Galapagos.”

Weekend Escapes Magazine – “Journey to the Galágagos Islands

“For those who commit to traveling to the Galápagos, there’s simply no better way to go than on the luxurious Ecoventura yacht escape”, write contributors Monique Reidy & Niki Chopra Richardson.