Ecoventura’s Vision For Our Newest Luxury Yacht, The THEORY!

AUTHOR Daniel Andino

For more than two decades, Ecoventura has showcased the pristine beauty of the Galapagos in an eco-conscious way through our expedition cruises. We are constantly striving to deliver a first-class luxury experience in a sustainable and responsible manner.

The understated elegance and eco-friendly design of the MV ORIGIN was a shining example of this mission. The mission continues with MV THEORY – the new addition to our Galapagos cruise fleet!

Ecoventura President, Santiago Dunn, shares his excitement in the video below:

“The ORIGIN was a hit and we love it so we laid the keel for the sister ship, and the name THEORY made the most sense. We are extremely excited that THEORY will be joining the ORIGIN in January 2019.” – Ecoventura President, Santiago Dunn

Charles Darwin’s groundbreaking theory published in “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection” was the inspiration for us when we named the ORIGIN.

The MV THEORY will be the sister ship of the MV ORIGIN with many of the same features. She is currently under construction.

To ensure the same attention to detail and beautiful decor, we are working with the same interior designer who delivered on the MV ORIGIN. Cindy Muirragui’s designs continue the same feel that passengers enjoy on the ORIGIN while also highlighting some key differences.

“My inspiration for the THEORY came from the Galapagos themselves and creating a comfort and homey feeling in a five-star hotel. We are so pleased with the ORIGIN that we cannot wait to see the THEORY Designer.” – Cindy Muirragui, MV THEORY Interior Designer

Our MV THEORY cabins will offer many of the same luxuries and modern furnishings as the MV ORIGIN. Large panoramic windows in the cabins and the social areas will make passengers feel as if they are always outside. The MV THEORY has been beautifully designed with high-end amenities and cabins with king sized beds that can convert into two twin bed, connecting rooms for families, as well as triples.

Private bathrooms will include the luxury of a modern rainfall shower, hairdryers, and plush towels as well as eco-friendly biodegradable soaps and shampoos.

A technology/art piece room will allow children to watch movies and play so guests in the lounge can also watch TV or read separately during family departures. Relaxation will be available in our massage room and the fitness center offers guests opportunities to stay active on the ship.

Our sundeck will be a guest favorite with loungers, daybeds, a wet bar, showers, and a Jacuzzi. Guests can also enjoy al-fresco dining while enjoying the beautiful scenery of their Galapagos cruise.

Dinner is served in our chic dining room with large panoramic windows. As with the ORIGIN, dinner consists of beautiful four-course meals prepared by culinary-trained chefs using the finest, locally-sourced ingredients.

We will provide knowledgeable naturalists for an intimate learning environment focusing on small groups of no more than ten guests per guide. Activities like nature walks and zodiac rides will be offered daily. Paddle boards, kayaks, a glass-bottom boat, snorkeling gear, and wet suits will be available for all of our guests so each day on board is sure to be an adventure!

We are confident the MV THEORY will be a stunning addition to our fleet and will provide our guests with more of the high-quality, eco-conscious travel experiences they have come to expect from Ecoventura. We are excited for 2019 and hope to see you on her maiden voyage!

Contact us today to book your 2019 Galapagos cruise aboard the MV THEORY and to learn more about what makes Ecoventura truly special!