Ecoventura’s support to cultivate conservation leaders continues with ECOS

AUTHOR The Ecoventura Team

The volcanic archipelago that forms the Galapagos Islands is one of the world’s leading wildlife destinations. It is home to an extraordinarily diverse range of plant and animal species, many of which are endemic to the islands, meaning they are found nowhere else on earth.

With our three luxury expedition yachts that sail the waters around the Galapagos, we are immensely privileged to be able to operate in this most remarkable of natural environments. But with this honour comes a responsibility to do all we can to play our part in preserving this fragile ecosystem.

To this end, Ecoventura is delighted to support numerous organizations committed to the conservation of the Galapagos – including the Galapagos Conservation Trust, Island Conservation, and the Charles Darwin Foundation.

In addition, we have worked closely for many years with Ecology Project International, which began running educational programs in 2006. One way that we have supported EPI in the past has been to run voyages hosting EPI students, with our guides – hugely knowledgeable when it comes to the wildlife and conservation efforts in the islands – acting as mentors to teach the students about the important of wildlife conservation and offer them first-hand experience in careers in tourism in the Galapagos. These voyages were hugely popular and a great way to support this brilliant organisation.

In order to continue their work in the Galapagos, EPI has promoted the creation of a new non-profit foundation – Education for Sustainable Communities (ECOS) – which we here at Ecoventura continue to support.

Inclusive, Immersive and Innovative

The ECOS ethos is simple: to build a more sustainable community for Galapagos. It does this via organising training programs, internships and eco-clubs, all of which are designed to promote conservation and encourage community involvement whilst supporting the efforts of the Galapagos National Park.

By mobilising the local community and training young students in conservation and sustainable development, ECOS is proactively seeking to develop and inspire the next generation of scientists and conservationists, ensuring the preservation of the Galapagos in to the next generation.

In the words of ECOS themselves, “we must change the way we think and act as individuals and society. Therefore, education must change”.

Experiential and Educational

With a passion for respecting nature, ECOS encourages sustainable, responsible, active community involvement via its long term vision. Through reflective, informative educational experiences, program participants become empowered to effect personal and community change, creating a lasting positive impact on the local community and environment on their doorstep.

ECOS also works alongside the Ministry of Education of Ecuador to coordinate the Galapagos Agreement for Education (AGE), a public-private collective that seeks constant educational improvement in the archipelago, helping to shape policy and develop community outreach programmes.

Ecoventura’s support

In addition to the voyages that we have hosted, Ecoventura donates funds to ECOS, and is now working with ECOS to enable guests on board our yachts to take part in conservation and community-related excursions with local ECOS students whilst our yachts are moored on Santa Cruz island.

Passengers may choose to participate in a Highland Field Excursion on selected departures dates, following in the footsteps of local tortoises in order to collect and analyze seed samples from their dung. Participants explore the local area under tutelage from an expert local guide, learning fascinating facts about its natural history and plethora of flora and fauna.

Such an excursion recently took place at the “Pajaro Brujo” nature reserve. Several guests (families with teenagers) took part, accompanied by one our specialist guides as well as ECOS members to talk about the Islands’ famous giant tortoises, their lifestyles and habitats.

The excursion went down particularly well with the younger members of the group, who were able to learn about these fascinating creatures and how they have thrived in te uplands of the Galapagos.

Guests booked onto a designated family departure over Spring Break and the summer are invited to sign up to one of our ECOS-partnered excursions, which are perfect for families with older children and teenagers who might want to learn more about the wildlife, conservation efforts and life on the islands.

We currently have availability on departures in June (departing 25 June) and July (departing 9 and 23 July) 2023 so please do contact us to secure your place on one of these popular trips.

These excursions are a fantastic way for our guests to meet local people, learn about local customs and to actively contribute to the vital conservation and community support efforts being spearheaded by ECOS.

We look forward to hearing from you!