Visiting Galapagos during the Off-Season

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Are you planning your next tropical getaway? Visiting the Galapagos is unlike any other trip you will ever experience and luckily there isn’t a bad time of year to come.

There isn’t a bad time, but as locals we will let you in our our little secret of what we consider to be the best time!

There are two seasons in the Galapagos Islands, Dry Season and Warm Season. Although warm season (December – May) is known for warmer weather in addition to warmer ocean temperatures, dry season (June – December) is when the sea mammals and land birds become most active. Also, dry season is the best time for you to experience the sea birds rearing their young, and our favorite time to be in the Galapagos.

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Why you should travel to the Galapagos Islands During the Off Season

The crowds are gone

Since the Galapagos Islands are a year round destination, the busiest time to visit is during the holidays and school breaks. Visiting between August – October allows you to experience the Galapagos without the bulk of the crowds. Although the Galapagos Islands rarely get busy, during these months you will see less boats out in the water and be able to hike around the islands with less tourists around.


Marine life is active

Don’t forget your wet suit when you go in the water, but you will be glad to know during these months the underwater animals are most active.  Keep an eye out while you are on board, your chances are much higher to spot whales breaching the surface and dolphins leaping alongside your boat (If this interests you, we especially suggest itinerary B).


Baby sea lions (pups) are being born

This is the best time to see baby sea lions being born. The female spends the first week non stop with their pup so they can get accustom to the smells and sounds of each other, before she returns to the ocean to fish. The pups will gather in shallow nurseries while one female watches over them until they are old enough and strong enough to start learning to fish themselves.


Sea birds are learning how to fly

These are the months where you will get to watch sea birds begin to learn to fly. It takes the new birds about 6 months to learn to fly, and a full year to learn the flying skills to survive on their own. The Albatrosses arrive on Española in April and stay through December, penguins are easier to encounter during the dry season and you get to experience the mating season of the blue-footed boobies, all of these which you won’t want to miss!


Temperatures are cooler, but not cold

During these months the temperature drops into the mid 70’s which is cooler, but definitely not cold. Clouds fill the sky during this time of year, but rainfall is uncommon. The Humboldt Current brings nutrient-rich water to the Galapagos that attracts fish and sea birds, which in our opinion makes this the best time to snorkel and cruise around the islands.

What Type of Weather to Expect in the Galapagos

There is really no ‘better or worse’ time to visit the Galapagos since there is a cool, sub-tropical climate year round. The coastal areas are arid and have adapted to desert conditions with the highlands receiving moisture almost all year and are filled with lush vegetation.

Read more about the weather and average monthly temperatures in the Galapagos Islands here

We look forward to seeing you later this year in the Galapagos Islands and don’t miss out on our special offers for August – December.