Can You Guess what is the Cutest Animal in the Galapagos?

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If you love sea lions, you will really love sea lion pups. We believe they are one of the cutest animals in the Galapagos, and after seeing these photos, can you blame us?


There is nothing more adorable than seeing baby sea lions wrestle with each other, nap, feed and play together.

sea lion pups

Each cow (mother) in a harem births one pup a year. The mother stays with the pup continuously for the first week, and then returns to the ocean to forage for food during week two. During this second week the pup will usually join his mother as he begins to learn how to swim and fish for himself. Once the pup is two to three weeks old the cow will mate again.

Cows will nurture their pup for up to three years. There is a big difference in the age that sea lion pups are weaned. You can sometimes see ‘big babies’ trying to nurse from their mothers.

ECUADOR, Galapagos, Sealion on cliffs at South Plaza Island, sea lion pups

During the first few years while the mother is caring for her pup, they are able to recognize each other’s bark from the rest of the colony. Also, it is not uncommon to see one cow ‘baby-sitting’ a group of pups while the other cows go off to feed.

Once the pup is weaned it is dependant on its own fishing skills.

ECUADOR, Galapagos, Sealion on cliffs at South Plaza Island, sea lion pups

There is no need for sunscreen for these pups. They protect themselves from the strong sun by rolling around in the sand and completely covering themself for natural protection.


Their playful nature makes them an instant favorite from guests visiting the islands. Be careful not to get too close if there is a Bull Male nearby, they can be very territorial!

We ask that when you visit you still be mindful of the 6 feet rule, give these pups their space to run and play, but be ready because they will want to be playing with you!



Sea Lion


September kicks off a very active breeding season for Sea lions and one of the best times of year to see baby sea lions being born. You will also often see males fighting on land and in the water to defend their harems.

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