What Happens in the Galapagos on an Ecoventura Cruise Stays in Galapagos

AUTHOR Daniel Andino

We recently had the privilege to welcome esteemed travel blogger, Jean of Holy Smithereens, to join Ecoventura on our new luxury vessel, the MV ORIGIN. Below, Jean gives you a sneak peak into her experience on a week-long Ecoventura Galapagos cruise. With equal parts adventure and indulgences, cruising with Ecoventura on board the MV ORIGIN is the perfect way for anyone to discover the remarkable Galapagos Islands.

Please take a moment to watch Jean’s video — and we invite you to book your next trip with Ecoventura on board the ORIGIN!

Want to learn more? Head over to Jean’s blog, Holy Smithereens and read her article on Ecoventura on the ORIGIN: What Really Happens in the Galapagos?

Below are several photos and highlights of Jean’s vacation with Ecoventura!

“We [reached] an island inhabited by Marine Iguanas. This is the only place in the world where you can find these cool creatures.”


“Heading back to the MV Origin for lunch.”


“I browse through the free movie selection in our stateroom. And every time, I end up sleeping 10 minutes into the movie. I soon learned that these naps are actually necessary. Naps [were] around 1-2 hours long depending on what our activities were in the afternoon.”


“In other parts of the world, we would be so elated to see ONE sea turtle. In the Galapagos, our eyes didn’t know where to look. Turtles left, right and centre. Unbelievable.”


“Around 6pm, we would head back to the boat. And as always, as ever – Jairo will be waiting for us with refreshments and snacks. And you know that familiar ravenous feeling after a swim? Indeed. They’ve anticipated our needs before we even realized it.”