Arrival and Departure to Galapagos

International Flights to Ecuador

You will need to book your international flights to Ecuador to arrive to Quito (UIO) or Guayaquil (GYE) and spend at least one night at a hotel before departing for Galapagos on Sunday morning although we suggest you arrive two nights prior to the cruise in case there is any delay in your international flight. You can book an evening flight home on Sunday at the end of your cruise provided the departure is 3 hours after the arrival of the Avianca flight.

International Flights to Ecuador are currently serviced by:

  • American Airlines (Miami)
  • Jet Blue
  • Spirit (Fort Lauderdale)
  • United (Houston)
  • DELTA (Atlanta)
  • LATAM (JFK, Lima)
  • AVIANCA (Bogota, Lima, San Salvador)
  • COPA (Panama)
  • GOL (Sao Paulo)
  • IBERIA (Madrid)
  • KLM (Amsterdam)

All international tickets have the airport departure taxes included in the cost of the ticket.  Local customs authorities allow two suitcases with a total combined weight of 60 kilos per person.  Subject to change.

Flights to Galapagos (San Cristobal)

Flight reservations are made automatically by Ecoventura through our allotment of seats on Sundays to/from San Cristobal (SCY). Flights to Galapagos (SCY) for Ecoventura passengers are confirmed on our recommended flights with AVIANCA Airlines from Quito (UIO) or Guayaquil (GYE). Passengers who purchase their tickets through Ecoventura for the AVIANCA flights will receive assistance with check-in and can pre-pay the park tax and transit card. A representative from Ecoventura accompanies our passengers on this flight.

  • View current airfares and schedules, go here.

Baggage Policy

The airline allows one checked suitcase (up to 50 lbs./ 23 kg and up to 62″/ 158 cm) and one carry-on bag (up to 22 lbs./ 10 kg and up to 45″/ 115 cm) per passenger. All overweight, oversized and excess baggage will be charged additional and are checked subject to space available. Fees in USD – subject to change – please see avianca.com for latest fee schedule:

  • Excess baggage fee: $45 for up to 50 lb/ 23 kg, $60 for 51-70 lb/ 23-32 kg.
  • Overweight baggage fee: $15 for 51-100 lb/ 23-45 kg
  • Oversize baggage fee: $80 for larger than 62 in/ 158 cm and less than or equal to 90.5 in/ 230 cm.

*Fees do not include IVA (tax) of 12% and are subject to change.

Transit Card and National Park Entrance Fees

There are two fees to pay to enter the Galapagos Islands. Both of these can be prepaid to Ecoventura before your trip begins.

Transit Card Fee: All visitors to Galapagos are required to purchase a “Tarjeta de Control de Transito” or TCT card for $20.00.  This card allows INGALA, the institution that controls migration to the islands to better regulate the flow of all arrivals and departure to Galapagos. Ecoventura will register all passengers in advance provided the fee is pre-paid and we receive the passenger information form

Galapagos Entrance Fee (park tax): The Islands are part of the Ecuador National Park system and the entrance fee is $100.00 per person.  Children age 11 and younger get a reduced rate of $50.00. The fee is divided up among various entities including the GNPS, Marine Reserve, agriculture, municipalities, INEFAN and INGALA.

Day of Cruise Departure/Check-In Procedure

On the day of departure, please be at the airport in Quito or Guayaquil two hours prior to departure for check-in. A message will be left at your hotel the evening prior with the check in time. You must first have your bags inspected by SICGAL as required to travel to Galapagos. Look for the Ecoventura representative at the AVIANCA Airline ticket counter to collect your boarding pass, transit card (if prepaid) and to assist you with check in. Do not stand in line to pay the TCT card if you have already prepaid.

Upon arrival in Galapagos, you will form a line to process passengers for the Park entrance fee. The park representative has a list of Ecoventura passengers who have prepaid the park fee. You need to claim your bag, and our crew will collect all baggage and deliver them to your cabin.   Our guides will be waiting for you with signs and escort you by bus to the main dock where our zodiacs are waiting.

Guests who arrive to Galapagos on an alternate flight will not be provided the same Day of departure services.  Ecoventura will not provide check-in assistance at the airports in Ecuador or upon arrival in San Cristobal on alternate flights.  If you arrive on Sunday, make sure you book your flights into San Cristobal (SCY) and not Baltra (GPS).  You will not be able to pre-pay the Galapagos park entrance fee or INGALA transit card (TCT) and will need to pay the fees upon arrival in cash only.  You will be responsible for getting yourself to the main dock by 12:00PM to wait for our Zodiac to transport you to the yacht.

Embarkation and disembarkation time – Sunday in San Cristobal:  Boarding time is 12:00PM. Guests will not be able to board prior to this time. All guests leaving the yachts must disembark by 8:30AM mainland time (7:30AM Galapagos Time).

Transportation Contract

All passengers will receive a cruise ticket at the airport in Guayaquil or Quito upon check in for the flight to Galapagos. The cruise ticket contains the terms and conditions of the transportation contract.  In order to review the terms before you leave home, you can view this on the company web site.

Go here to download and view the contract