This is the Year for the Ultimate Galapagos Bucket List

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This is the year to create your ultimate bucket list, and we want to be a part of it!

2016 is going to be the year for families traveling together, and more than that, adventuring together. We want you to think outside of the box about how your family can make an impact while you travel. Change up your yearly family vacation by spending time in a unique destination, making once-in-a-lifetime memories together.

This is the year to visit the Galapagos and start crossing off bucket list items you’ve only dreamed about.

What should 2016’s bucket list look like?


1. Plan a Multigenerational Family Vacation

Invite the entire family. Bring Grandparents and grandchildren together in the Galapagos. We are seeing all generations traveling together more than ever and we think this should be on the top of your bucket list this year.

If you have younger children, our family cruise departures will be perfect for your group. Our naturalist guides cater the tour to what interests your kids, while the parents can experience their own Galapagos with the other adults onboard.


2. Take a Once in a Lifetime Adventure

2016 is the year for change. Change up your typical beach destination and make it a true family adventure this year to the Galapagos!

In one week you will snorkel with penguins, share the beach with a colony of sea lions, and hopefully see a white-tipped reef shark swim beneath you, and that’s only under water. On land you can watch the mating dance of the blue footed booby, see the red gular sac of the magnificent frigate bird expand as it tries to attract a mate and take photos of the elusive pink flamingo enjoying a meal of crustaceans.

… and that is all in only one week!

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3. Travel Sustainably

Change the way you travel.

Make one of these 35 simple changes that can make an impact on the travel industry and lessen your footprint as you explore. Embrace the local communities and encourage the companies you travel with to support the locals through local foods, education and jobs. Educate yourself this year on how you can conserve energy, recycle and reuse whenever possible when you are both at home and on the road.

Other great examples of how you can travel more sustainably is to join with organizations such as Pack for a Purpose who are filling a need in the local communities where you are traveling to, or the Charles Darwin Research Foundation who has been making big steps to conserve the Galapagos’ ecosystem for many years.

This is the year to get involved!


4. Visit the Galapagos

Now, more than ever, is the year to travel to the Galápagos. Swim with marine iguanas, hike across lava fields and search for the  Galapagos Flightless Cormorant.

As the islands become more popular, and more tourists visit, more restrictions and controls are put into place in order to monitor their footprint. Tourism is strictly regulated to ensure no trail is overrun or island is over visited. The national park is doing all that it can to preserve the ecosystem and help it thrive, which is why now is the best time to visit. You will be a part of the change and return home to help spread the word on the beauty of the Galapagos and importance of preserving it.

You can read more about how Ecoventura is supporting conservation in the islands here.


5. Experience Luxury

Our newest yacht MV Origin is sure to make your 2016 bucket list unforgettable.

The 20 person yacht offers gourmet style meals, indoor and al-fresco dining, open bar policy, sun deck with Jacuzzi, wet bar, BBQ, spacious social areas, satellite TV,  and ten cabins with panoramic windows located all on one deck. Also, don’t forget about the fitness center with cardio equipment, masseuse, multiple kayaks and stand up paddle boards (pending park approval), Wet suits and snorkeling equipment. Your cabin will be cleaned twice daily and laundry service is available. This is enough to top anyone’s 2016 bucket list and guarantee an incredible adventure.

This is the year. Start planning your adventure now!