Ecoventura Celebrates the Success of Our Health & Wellness (Yoga) Departures

AUTHOR Daniel Andino

December marked a fulfilling experience for passengers joining us on our 2018 Health & Wellness (Yoga) cruises.

For the first two weeks of this month, those aboard our luxury expedition yacht, the MV Origin, chose between two specialized itineraries, enjoying our regularly-scheduled activities in addition to healthy culinary experiences and professionally-led yoga sessions.

Passengers came away so rejuvenated from these two weeks that we wanted to share some of these experiences with you. And if these Health & Wellness cruises sound like something you’d enjoy, we invite you to join us for our fall 2019 departures (details below)!

Our very ethos at Ecoventura is one of holism – that of protecting the health and ecological lineage of the historic Galapagos Islands and their storied wildlife. And the wellness of our guests is of equal priority!

Adventurers aboard the MV Origin this December nurtured passengers’ mind, body, and spirit through professionally-led yoga and breathing sessions, daily adventures like snorkeling and nature walks, and expertly-prepared cuisine sourced from only the finest local ingredients.

Guidance of Master Instructors

All of our Health & Wellness departures are guided by well-respected teachers of yoga, meditation, and eastern philosophy, ensuring that our guests are immersed in a state of awareness and peaceful introspection during their cruise.

Daily Practice

Each morning began with a yoga class that left our voyagers feeling balanced and fresh. Having greeted the day on their mats, guests enjoyed a hearty, healthy breakfast prepared by our excellent staff before heading out on their own daily adventures.

Many took advantage of our new menu items such as acai, coconut water, and detox juices and smoothies (all made with fresh fruit).

While on the subject, nourishment is something we take seriously on all of our cruises – we’d be entirely remiss if not! Our culinary school-trained chefs, while preparing exquisite three and-four-course meals, are happy to accommodate any special dietary requests. We offer delicious plant-based meals to suit all vegans or vegetarians, while at least one-quarter of our food served comes from the Galapagos Islands.

The Ecoventura Experience

Rather than replacing activities from our normal cruises, our Health & Wellness program is integrated seamlessly into our regularly featured experiences.

Guests continued to explore their minds and spirits through our naturalist-guided nature walks and snorkeling amongst sea turtles and colorful fish. Some guests explored the pristine coastline by kayak or stand-up paddleboard, while still others took in the ecology from our glass-bottom boat.

Peaceful late-afternoon yoga classes were held each day, enabling guests to relax their bodies and minds. As a special treat, our resident expert replaced one regular session with a Yoga Nidra – a yogic sleep session – to enhance the relaxation and peace of everyone in attendance. Passengers spent the remainder of their evening unwinding in luxury accommodations, enjoying delicious cuisine, and sipping wine on deck in the gently-blowing sea breeze.



Come Aboard

We would love for you to join us for one (or both!) of our next Health & Wellness cruises, scheduled for fall 2019. Please see below for rates, dates, and deals.

These special departures will take place on the MV Origin during the weeks of November 3-10 2019-B and November 10-17-A, on Itinerary B & Itinerary A. Combine both weeks for a magical two-week journey and receive a 5% back-to-back discount on both departures!

Our Galapagos Islands cruise rates are $7,850.00 per person. Don’t wait to book because these departures will fill up quickly. 

If you have any questions or are ready to book your yoga departure with us, contact us today!