Photo Essay: Experience One Week on A Galapagos Cruise

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Ever wonder what it’s like cruising the Galapagos Islands for a week?

We want you to be prepared for what to expect on a Galapagos Cruise! Follow along with the photos and discover the incredible experiences and active trip that awaits you in our unique paradise.

A Sneak Peek of a day on a Galapagos Cruise

Your cruise begins with meeting your guides and the others in your group. Although you start out as strangers, after spending a week of exploring and discovering the Galapagos together, you almost always leave as friends.

ecogroup Your morning will start bright and early with a healthy breakfast. Eat up! You will need the energy for all of the day’s events.

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 3.18.07 PM The group will load into a zodiac and usually go on a morning hike to explore the landscape and wildlife of the different islands. Wear comfortable shoes and bring your reusable water bottle so you can stay hydrated and comfortable throughout your hike.


If you’re lucky you will see the blue footed booby showing off as he tries to attract a mate. The booby dance is famous in the Galapagos Islands as they dance around and offer gifts to win over the female birds.


Not all male birds dance around to find their mates, the Frigate Bird puffs up his beautiful bright red pouch and makes specific mating calls to the females flying above. Once a pair decides to mate they start building their nest together in a tree or bush.


You will be shocked by the enormous size of the famous Galapagos Tortoise. Have your camera nearby to capture a selfie with you and the tortoise side by side.


You’ll come face to face with some really cute animals…

bird2 Family Departure Video thumbail … and some that you might think aren’t so cute, but all will be equally fascinating as your guides explain the details of how they got there and what makes them unique to the Galapagos.



Your guides will help you spot the endemic and unique animals of the Galapagos. The wildlife is everywhere on the island and most of the animals won’t be afraid of you, so you will be able to get fantastic close up shots of the animals.


After an eventful morning, the group will return together to the boat for a quick lunch and some free time, while we cruise to a new island. We suggest you take a nap or read a good book while you enjoy the sun deck on the top of the boat.



Once you are well rested, we will adventure back out in the afternoon. You might get the chance to swim with Galapagos Penguins, snorkel with sea lions or overcome your fear of sharks! The Galapagos Sea Lions are all very playful and enjoy having their photos taken, so have fun posing with pictures next to them (maintaining a respectful distance!). suchetarawal-yoga


snorkel-penguins-larissa milne



While the animals on the islands will fascinate you, the adorable babies will steal your hearts! Watch as baby birds and sea lions patiently await as their parents return with food for them. Your guides will explain how each animals rears their young and how long they are dependent on their mothers.



  After a long day of sun, swimming, snorkeling and hiking, we all board the boat again and wave goodbye to the wildlife, as we cruise on to the next island for tomorrow, and anticipate what awaits us there!


Finally, no day in the Galapagos is complete without watching the sunset over the horizon.



What are you most looking forward to on your Galapagos Cruise?

Many thanks for the fabulous photos from our most recent group of travelers.