Top Rated restaurants to dine in Lima on 6-night Peru extension

AUTHOR Daniel Andino

It’s no surprise that many of our passengers chose to extend their trip from the Galapagos Islands and experience more of the natural wonders the Andean region has to offer during their vacation holiday with Ecoventura.

To ensure our guests are making the most of their trip, Ecoventura is offering guests aboard the Eric, Letty & Origin two extensions to Peru in 2017 to visit the Machu Picchu ruins, Cuzco, and the sacred valley of the Incas:

  1. A 6 night Casa Andina & Inkaterra (First Class / 4 star) extension
  2. A 6 night Libertador Collection & Sumaq (Luxury / 5 Star) extension

Regardless of which extension you choose, adding a Peru Extension to your Galapagos trip will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience to explore the local culture, ancient ruins, and historic villages that make Peru so distinctive.

And while you are touring through Peru, we highly recommend you take advantage of the vibrant food scene that Lima has to offer! Did you know that 9 Peruvian restaurants made it into Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list for 2016?

In fact, all of these restaurants are located in Lima (including the top two restaurants on the list!) — a destination on BOTH Peru Extensions with Ecoventura!

During your extension in Peru, don’t miss out on some of these world-renwoned Lima restaurants: 

No.41 Isolina, Lima, Peru

Sweetbread stew at Isolina – Photo credit via The World’s 50 Best

No.38 Malabar, Lima, Peru

Pink palm hearts, bitter orange and kefir at Malabar – Photo credit via The World’s 50 Best

No.34 Fiesta, Lima, Peru

Rice with meat at Fiesta – Photo credit via The World’s 50 Best

No.30 Rafael, Lima, Peru

Scallops at Rafael – Photo credit via The World’s 50 Best

No.27 Osso Carnicería y Salumería, Lima, Peru

Beef carpaccio at Osso – Photo credit via The World’s 50 Best

No.12 La Mar, Lima, Peru

Causitas at La Mar – Photo credit via The World’s 50 Best

No.7 Astrid y Gastón, Lima, Peru

Lemon, basil, strawberry, hot pepper and yoghurt wafers at Astrid y Gastón – Photo credit via The World’s 50 Best

No.2 Maido, Lima, Peru

Gindara fish at Maido – Photo credit via The World’s 50 Best

No.1 Central, Lima, Peru

Green Highlands at Central – Photo credit via The World’s 50 Best

High season is April through October so don’t wait to book your Peru Extension trip during these months as our favorite hotels fill up quickly!

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