Partnership with Ecology Project International in the Galapagos

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Ecology Project International (EPI) is on a mission to educate and inspire the youth in the Galapagos to take an active role in conservation of their islands, and we’ve teamed up with them to make it happen!

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Ecoventura is offering five family teen departures in 2014 that include a cultural exchange and volunteer project with local students from Galapagos through Ecology Project International (EPI).

If you are interested in participating, scroll down to find out which itinerary and dates are available.


This is a unique experience for kids to help collect real data that is handed off to scientists who work in the area, to help track and improve the conservation efforts. Unlike most teaching situations where kids are in classrooms, with EPI they get hands on experience in order to fully understand the purpose of what they are doing and are able to make a difference through their efforts.


An example of what a day spent with EPI will look like:

On The day we are in port on Thursdays in Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz, Ecoventura will offer one of two optional activities. You can visit the Darwin station and assist EPI students with collecting research data in the tortoise breeding center or visit the Highlands and assist EPI students with eradication of invasive species such as the blackberry (mora). In the afternoon, there is a cultural exchange where local EPI students will give a tour of their town to the students on board, followed by ice cream or a dinner.


Galapagos tortoises are excellent seed dispersers since they consume a large number of seeds and they also transport them a long way. This has a very important impact on the distribution of plants and the types of plants communities present on Galapagos.

By being out in the field first hand, students are able to better understand the hard work and reflect on the future of their communities.  After participating they almost always want to take on a more active role in conserving the nature around them.



Watch a video to hear firsthand how EPI and Ecoventura are impacting the youth

Interested in joining?

This trip is ideal for students age 13-18 traveling to Galapagos with their parents and siblings. Come prepared for an active trip with other families onboard Ecoventura to explore the Galápagos with!

Itinerary A  2015 Dates:

JUNE 14-21
JULY 12-19