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We were able to catch up with What Boundaries Travel after their recent cruise in the Galapagos to hear about their experience with our women-only cruise. One week a year, for those seeking a girlfriends get-away or mother/daughter vacation this cruise will give you the space to connect with nature and spend relaxing time together. The tour is led by our female naturalist guides and is a wonderful adventure to have with the important women in your life.

Let’s hear from Cheryl MacDonald and Lisa Chavis about life onboard in the Galapagos:

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1.    Tell us a little about your recent women-only cruise? (How was it different from previous cruises/trips? How did having women-only onboard affect your trip?)

Our Ecoventura women-only cruise presented a unique opportunity to travel with mothers/daughters, girlfriends, women couples, as well as single women. The camaraderie created by this group dynamic was something mentioned by all involved, even the ship’s captain and naturalist.

It felt comfortable and fun – the group even staged a “ladies night dance” for the captain and crew to express our appreciation of such a wonderful trip. We have been on a few other women-only trips, but the diversity of this group was what made it work so well.

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 2.    Before arriving in the Galapagos, what were you most looking forward to on your cruise?

Lisa is an avid photographer, so the opportunity to get as close as allowed to the wildlife was a huge thrill. And the wildlife was magnificent! Totally unafraid of humans, we had to step over many lounging sea lions and iguanas on the paths.

Cheryl hoped to see a sea lion swimming and frolicking underwater. We did not have to wait long!  Our first afternoon out we experience the thrill of a curious sea lion swimming around!  Not only did we see many sea lions while snorkeling, they played with us several times – swimming and blowing bubbles in our faces. It was amazing, truly a once in a lifetime experience!

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3.    Share a favorite memory from your trip.  

Lisa had her heart set on seeing a penguin. Days passed and the islands where we hoped to find one came up short on penguins – lots of other wildlife, but not a penguin. On one of our last days, we were snorkeling, when a fat, grey bullet buzzed past our masks. It was a penguin! And this cute little guy hung around and climbed up to the rocks to pose so we could take our time admiring him.

Cheryl was excited to get so close to the Blue Footed Booby and actually see the mating dance and sky-pointing.  Watching the male offer the female rocks and sticks was pretty incredible.

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4.    What surprised you most from your trip?

Other than the incredible wildlife we were able to see each day, we were VERY impressed with the quality and presentation of meals and snacks onboard. Being pampered with appetizers served on the deck as we returned every afternoon from snorkeling or touring the islands was such a treat. Dinners were gourmet restaurant quality and service was impeccable.

We were also very surprised by how big the yacht felt.  When we first boarded and met in the lounge area, we were shocked at how spacious and beautiful it was.

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5.    Please share some of your best tips for future travelers to the Galapagos.

  • Pack light. Then pack even lighter! The onboard storage space is minimal, so soft, duffle-like luggage material that can be stuffed into a small closet would be ideal. Dress is casual and comfortable, no need for fancy clothes.
  • Clothes will be damp from swimming and can be hung outside on the sun deck – bring several clothespins/clamps to secure clothes.
  • Lots of wonderful stuff happens under the water, so investing in a good underwater camera won’t be something you’ll regret!
  • Some of the landings from the pangas are wet landings, you’ll need shoes that can get soaked and still be comfortable to walk in.
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Great Tips, and from what it sounds like, a great trip!  Big thanks to Cheryl and Lisa for spending time debreifing us today on their trip. You can find more stories from their adventure on their website, What Boundaries and photos on their Instagram account.

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