Make Your Next Trip a Multi-Generational Vacation

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Baby boomers are ready to take on their next adventure as they spend their time traveling more than ever. They are not only starting to cross off items from their bucket list that they have always dreamed of doing, but they want to bring their adult children and the grandkids along with them.


What is a Multi-Generational Vacation?

Multi-generational vacations are trips involving at least three generations within a family.

It’s a global movement that is starting to happen as these baby boomers bring their families with them on adventures around the world. Grandparents don’t want to be sitting by the pool watching the grandkids while the parents run off for a spa day, they want to be outdoors, taking active and cultural vacations with their families, they want to be involved.

By bringing everyone together, they are creating memories for the entire family to tell stories about for years to come.


Multi-Generational Planning Tips

Make sure you start to plan early.

Finding a time when everyone can get away can be difficult, so set a date early and give yourself enough time to book transportation.

When planning a multi-gen trip you need to take into consideration:

  • ages – make sure the activities you are planning don’t have any age restrictions.
  • interests – by involving everyone in the planning process you can be assured that the family will be interested in the different activities
  • limitations – know your families limitations such as attention spans of younger children and physical limitations etc.


Why Galapagos Should be Your next Multi-Generational Destination?

During a Galapagos cruise, your days are spent very active, so even the youngest children won’t get bored, but at a leisurely pace so grandparents can participate comfortably and not miss out.

On our family specific cruises, the Naturalist Guides can take the kids in a separate group and cater the tour to them, while the adults can go at their own pace in their own group.

It’s a relaxing trip for everyone. After you pick your cruising dates, we do the rest. We plan what’s for dinner and do the cooking, we have your room picked up and our guides will take you on an educational and cultural Galapagos adventure.

You can pack simple. We have a thorough packing list that you can go through and easily pack for everyone.

We schedule breaks for you. Every day you will get an afternoon break as we transition from the morning activity to the afternoon adventure. This structured break gives the adults a chance to relax, while the kids can watch birds fly overhead or spot marine mammals from the sun deck.

We bring the experts. You don’t need to worry about reading up on field books before your trip or missing anything important. We come prepared with the best naturalist guides to answer all of your questions and make sure you see all of the wildlife and unique wonders of the Galapagos.

Contact us today to start planning your first multi-generational vacation in the Galapagos!