Learn How Ecuadorian Cuisine is prepared on-board Ecoventura Yachts

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Have you ever attended a cooking demonstration on a boat?

We think the ocean air and beautiful Galapagos scenery is the perfect location to teach our guests a little something about how Ecuadorian food is created.

Our chefs are appreciative for all the raving reviews our guests have given them about the meals onboard, and they have decided to come out from the kitchen and show you how some of the food is prepared. Hopefully you can take what you learn and recreate the delicious food from the islands, at home with your family.


This past month we held a ceviche cooking demonstration (shrimp, fish and vegetarian ceviche) on the Letty. Our guests loved the combination of ceviche and blonde national beer (Pilsener).


What can you expect from a cooking demonstration onboard an Ecoventura Yacht?

  1. The chef will start by preparing their mise en place (checking to see that they have all of their ingredients ready) and setting it on the demonstration table.
  2. Next, they will explain the details of how they prepare the Ecuadorian ceviche.
  3. Your guide on board will help translate, as the chefs begin to make the ceviche. You will get a front row seat as you watch how it’s made, and be able to ask questions as they move along.
  4. Once the chefs have finished making the ceviche, you will get the opportunity to taste their crafted dish.
  5. You can add toppings to your ceviche such as Chulpi corn nuts, plantain chips, Tabasco or Ecuadorian hot sauce called “aji”.
  6. Enjoy!


“The main objective is that the passengers live the best experience of their life in the Galapagos Islands, and this will be achieved by providing them excellent service and delicious variety of food on the yacht” -Andreina Socolo


Want to take our chef’s delicious cooking home with you? Order one of our cookbooks available onboard.

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Andreina Soclo

Andreina started working at Ecoventura in 2015. She manages all food service on the vessels from the supply of groceries to verifying compliance with our guests’ special diets. She graduated in 2014 as an Engineer in Food Science with a major in Food and Beverage Management from the Universidad de Especialidades Espiritu Santo (UEES).