Ecoventura’s Health & Wellness Departures- New for 2018

AUTHOR Daniel Andino

Having contributed to Galapagos conservation efforts since Ecoventura’s inception, our expedition Galapagos cruises are renowned for the importance we place on protecting the health and well-being of the wildlife and the environment of the islands. However, we’re equally mindful of our guests’ health and well-being.

With this in mind, we’re now proud to offer four Health & Wellness themed departure dates in the Fall of 2018 to our passengers on our luxury vessel, the MV ORIGIN. 

From your stomachs to your hearts and minds, Ecoventura has you covered on their Health & Wellness themed departures, offering delectable cuisine, morning yoga sessions, meditation, reiki, massages, and more!

Every morning you’ll awaken to majestic views of the ocean and Galapagos Islands aboard our flagship vessel (the MV ORIGIN). You’ll start your day with a hearty, healthy breakfast and a yoga session led by our very own Galapagos-born instructor, Andrea Pico.

About Andrea Pico

Andrea is a wellness specialist who practices Hatha, Flow, and Ashtanga-style yoga.  She also incorporates breathing techniques of Pranayamas into her sessions, designed to relax the mind and body, control anxiety and depression, and open energy channels within the body. Andrea also practices aromatherapy, reiki, and traditional Thai massage therapy

More recently, Andrea has become a part of the team at Soul Vitamin sharing her extensive knowledge and experience with a new group of devotees.

Andrea’s main intention in teaching is rooted in the concept of expanding the consciousness of every person that takes her class. This aims to provide all of her students with a better understanding of their minds, bodies, and the respiration exercises they’ll perform under her tutelage. This better understanding that participants gain translates to a solid spiritual connection with their surroundings, both in class as well as the outer world on an everyday basis.

Ecoventura’s Health & Wellness Experience

After morning yoga, guests can continue to indulge in daily exploration of their bodies, minds, and spirits through guided nature walks led by our incredibly well-informed Naturalist Guides (we offer one guide per every ten guests, more than any other Galapagos cruise company), snorkel among sea lions and through schools of colorful reef fish, and explore the coastline by kayak and stand-up paddle-board.  

After the full days you’ll enjoy on land and exploring the ocean by paddle board or kayak, you can expect a thoroughly relaxing experience back on-board where you’ll be able to rejuvenate and restore your being.

Take part in peaceful relaxation through Pranayama controlled breathing techniques, Reiki (life force energy) healing, and evenings on the deck with star exploration.  The H&W activities offered on these departures are optional and are in addition to all our regularly scheduled activities.

Oh, and did we mention the food?! Our cuisine offers nothing but the freshest, locally-sourced ingredients with healthy meals prepared by culinary school trained chefs. For those of you with plant-based diets, we also offer full vegan and vegetarian-friendly menus. 

Even though you’re not supposed to count calories on vacation, we also have an onboard gym if you feel like you’ve overindulged on dessert the night before.

Ready to realign your chakras? 

Join one of our Health & Wellness Galapagos cruises.

Health & Wellness departure dates on board the MV ORIGIN:  December 2-9, 2018 — Itinerary B, December 9-16, 2018 — Itinerary A.

Cruise rates are $7,850.00 per person and a 10% early bird discount is available up until 180 days prior to departure (subject to change at any time).

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about booking your Health & Wellness departure today, please feel free to contact us at any time!