Join Marine Biologist Jack Grove Aboard the Theory by Ecoventura in 2019!

AUTHOR Daniel Andino

“Each species is a masterpiece, a creation assembled with extreme care and genius.” ~ Edward O. Wilson

Perhaps no naturalist was more in tune with the marvel of nature than Charles Darwin, a father of the field who, in 1859, published his life’s opus, On the Origin of Species, which would go on to pave the way for the entire field of evolutionary biology. The most famous hallmarks of his study took place right here in the Galapagos Islands, an unparalleled treasure trove of biodiversity that has stood the test of time.

In the past century, trusted stewards have carried on Darwin’s legacy, ever mindful of the value innate to this chain of storied islands. In 2019, we at Ecoventura are proud to welcome back aboard one of the foremost and accomplished modern wards of Galapagos Wildlife, marine biologist and author Jack Grove.

Jack joined us aboard our luxury vessel, the MV Origin, in September 2018 for two very special departures on consecutive weeks. During which, he accompanied our guests exploring on both land and sea, providing the sort of insight only an accomplished naturalist who spent years – seven, to be exact – living in the Galapagos Islands could impart.

This December (2019), Jack will join us yet again – this time aboard our newest luxury expedition yacht, The MV Theory — a newly-constructed sister yacht to our luxury flagship MV Origin.

Jack spoke warmly about his experiences with our guests and in anticipation of new adventures in 2019…

“As a marine biologist, expedition leader, photographer, and author of The Fishes of the Galápagos Islands, I was thrilled to join Ecoventura in the Galapagos Islands on two special cruises this past September. During these cruises, I accompanied guests on all land and sea excursions to provide insights into the unique marine life and wildlife habitat in the Galapagos. It is always an exceptional pleasure to share my enthusiasm for marine science and the fishy world of ichthyology while leading snorkelers through these enchanted seas…I am delighted that Ecoventura has invited me back for another series of voyages in 2019.” – Jack Grove

As with our 2018 departures, Jack will be available to guests during evenings for sharing of photography and informal discussions and lectures. After a long day of beach traversing and snorkeling with one of South America’s leading biologists, we’ll encourage guests to reflect on their experiences in a relaxed evening setting with our favorite naturalist and author.

Some of our guests from last year’s voyages were eager to relate their experiences online…

“I want to send a big thank you for the opportunity to cruise aboard the MV Origin. While I’m sure the experience is amazing every departure, I feel especially lucky to have been joined by our experienced guides, as well as (having) marine biologist and Galapagos expert, Jack Grove, on my trip. Jack is a walking encyclopedia and was nicely complemented by Billy and Gustavo’s knowledge and enthusiasm. The ship crew astounded me with their level of experience and knowledge, and their humor and attention to detail.

My praise for this trip and ship is unending, and I’m very excited about the launch of Theory, whose reputation now proceeds her. Thank you again for helping create an unforgettable experience in the Galapagos (and my first trip to South America).” – Mary Kohut, MV Origin Traveler

“The boat is perfect, the crew super, and the guides were the best possible, both individually and together. The fellow passengers were fun too, and we all got along great. Jack Grove was a very enjoyable person to dine with too. I really enjoyed his stories.” – Jeff B.

Come Aboard

We will be hosting Jack Grove again in 2019 on the new MV Theory, December 1st through 8th and December 8th through 15th, 2019. Please contact our team to book your Galapagos departure with Jack Grove.

Departure Dates:

  • December 1st through 8th, 2018 – Itinerary B (Northern/Western)
  • December 8 through 15th, 2018 – Itinerary A (Southern/Central)

Cruise Rate: $7,850.00 per person double occupancy per week

Guests can book one week for a 7-night cruise – or combine both weeks back-to-back for a 14-night comprehensive cruise with Jack Grove on Itinerary A or B and get 5% discount on both weeks.

Included: Cruise accommodation on the MV Theory; all meals/snacks and all beverages including open bar, 24/7 espresso, coffee, and tea; Captain’s welcome and farewell party, evening cocktail hour and lectures with Jack Grove; concierge services; guided shore excursions; use of wetsuits, snorkeling equipment, kayaks, and stand up paddle boards; transfers between the airport and dock in Galápagos.

About Jack Grove

A marine biologist and professional naturalist, Jack has spent much of the past two decades traveling on and lecturing about the world’s oceans. Jack is a leading authority on the fishes and marine environments of the eastern tropical Pacific. For more than twenty years he was a research associate in the Section of Fishes at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History. For seven years, he lived in the Galapagos, where he served as an associate investigator for Ecuador’s National Fisheries Institute and was senior author of the only Ecuadorian publication on Galapagos fishes.

A true adventurer, Jack is a fellow of The New York Explorer’s Club and he has led numerous expeditions to the remote corners of the world, participating in expeditions as a marine naturalist, photographer, and expedition leader, as well as working with noted scientists and explorers such as Dr. Jack Randall and Jean-Michel Cousteau. Jack is an avid scuba diver, certified dive master, and dedicated conservationist and a member of The American Association for the Advance of Science. In 2005, he gave a TED talk on strategies for the preservation of marine biodiversity called, “A Shifting Paradigm in the Galápagos”. He most recently contributed to the book the “Global Atlas of Marine Fishes: A Critical Appraisal of Catches and Ecosystem Impacts”, published in 2016.