How To Pack for a Purpose and bring supplies to students in the Galapagos

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You’ve read about how to pack lighter, pack for a beach vacation and travel only with a carry on. We want to show you how to Pack for a Purpose.

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What is Pack for a Purpose?

Pack for a purpose is an opportunity for world travelers to give back to the communities they visit and add value to their vacation.

Founded by Rebecca and Scott Rothney, Pack for a Purpose was created to ask travelers to use a small amount of space, with little extra effort, to make a big positive impact on the communities. Travelers from around the world are packing lighter, in order to bring key supplies with them to over 370 participating lodging and tour locations.

So, how does it work?

Find a lodging partner in the area you will be traveling, save an extra 5 pounds in your luggage and pack supplies off of the specific lists provided on the website for the local communities. Once you arrive, deliver these to your accommodation or tour company and trust that they will get them to where they need to be.

How is Ecoventura involved?

Ecoventura passengers can leave a positive impact on the children living in the Galapagos by bringing requested supplies and contributions with them. Ecoventura will deliver the supplies to the students at the Alejandro Alvear School and the New Era Galapagos Foundation that supports art programs, Eco Scouts and English activities.

How can you get involved?

We encourage you to take an interest in the communities that you visit, and aim to always leave an impact. Do research on the companies you work with and make sustainable tourism a priority in your upcoming travels.

Pack for a Purpose is an easy way for you to start getting involved. Majority of the items that the schools and communities request are basic and easy to bring in your suitcase.

Begin by determining what your baggage weight limitations are with your airline and/or tour company, leaving anywhere from 1 lb – 5 lbs of extra space in your luggage to bring the supplies with you. You can leave your formal wear at home, trust us you won’t need it on your next Galapagos cruise!

Review the list of what is requested and decide which supplies you will bring.

Some examples of supplies that are needed:

Colored pencils,Ecology focused teaching aids, English teaching books, English/Spanish dictionaries, Pencils, Pencil sharpeners, Pens, Rulers

See a complete supply list here for the Galapagos Islands

Pack for a Purpose asks that you only bring the specific items requested for by the community. Review their website for packing instructions. They suggest to take some supplies out of the original packaging, while others they will tell you to keep it in the packaging to prevent breakage. They mention that any expensive equipment (blood pressure cuffs, stethoscope etc.) should be packed in your carry on luggage.

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We are hoping to see more of our Ecoventura guests choosing to Pack for a Purpose on their next cruise through the Galapagos.

Did you travel with Ecoventura and Pack for a Purpose? We want to hear your story!