Hold the front page – Ecoventura in the media in 2022

AUTHOR The Ecoventura Team

It’s no secret the Galapagos is one of the most photogenic destinations on the planet, with friendly, curious animals ready to pose for photographers and dramatic landscapes forming the backdrop for each and every photoshoot.

Given that, the Galapagos isn’t just a bucket list destination for tourists and travellers, but for travel writers and photographers too! So here is a round up of some of the amazing coverage our yachts have had so far this year – testament to the stunning locations we are lucky enough to sail around, as well as the quality and comfort of our vessels and the energy and enthusiasm of all our crew.

The Boca Raton Observer – Glory of Galapagos (February 2022)

“I jumped off the panga right into a kaleidoscope of fish. Hues of blue, yellow, red and pink in all shapes and sizes, and in their hundreds, welcomed me into the eastern Pacific Ocean”

“The day wraps up inside a postcard scene – Gardner Bay, a beach boasting powder-white sand, more of those adorable sea lions and turquoise water so clear you can easily spot multiple massive sea turtles swimming by”.

USA Today Travel – Go Escape (January 2022)

“Small ships offer a more intimate experience, and that includes a closer level of interaction and service from crew members”.

“On some small ships, the crew has memorized the entire passenger manifest and greets you by name as you step onto the boat. It’s also not uncommon for the bartender to quickly identify your favourite cocktail and know how to whip one up as you enter the galley after a day of adventures”.

Marie Claire  (April 2022)

“The Relais & Chateaux ship has state-of-the-art facilities including comfortable staterooms, a decadent sundeck, multicourse dinners, and an open bar. The environmentally conscious company also desalinates their own water on board and employs two naturalist guides on each seven-night cruise”.

Santa Barbara Life & Style Magazine (May/June 2022)

“That afternoon, we snorkel amongst an acrobatics performance put on by turtles, vibrant fish, and sea lions. It’s not so much the exotic nature of the animals as it is their playful and relaxed demeanor that makes them unforgettable. Dolphins jumping in to the sunset (best watched from the shower window), 60 black tipped reef sharks sleeping on the seafloor, penguins waddling across lava rocks…at each anchor it’s something new and incredible. And, on Theory you don’t necessarily have to leave bed to see it”.

Sixtysix Magazine (April 2022)

“With the help of Ecoventura’s extremely skilled local naturalists I was surrounded by sea lions, iguanas, lizards, turtles, finches, cormorants, doves, frigates, boobies, albatrosses, flamingos, giant tortoises, whales, sharks, crabs, penguins, gulls, manta rays, and dozens of types of fish that exist only in the Galapagos”.

Green Building & Design Magazine (June 2022)

“Ecoventura delivers a view into the pristine and unrivalled natural world both above and below the water, a truly wild string of active volcanoes crammed full of fascinating history and wildlife”.

US Today Travel – Go Escape (Summer 2022)

“With few natural predators, there aren’t many places on Earth where the wildlife is as unafraid – and even welcoming – of human visitors as the Galapagos. The result is an unparalleled chance for nature lovers to see up close everything from 5-foot-long iguanas to pink flamingos to tortoises more than 100 years old”.

Conde Nast Traveller Italia (Summer 2022)

“Every time you dive into the waters of the Pacific ocean, you come into contact with a dynamic ecosystem of playful sea lions, multicolored fish, gentle green turtles and countless other creatures. On land, a walk on a beach of fine white sand (or perhaps a beautiful green, where the erosion of basaltic lava flows has left expanses of olivine crystals) can lead to a black path of volcanic rock, where a pair of blue-footed boobies perform an elaborate courtship choreography, while marine iguanas swim offshore peeping through the waves like little Godzillas”.

Travel that Matters podcast

Bruce Wallin, an award-winning editor, writer and luxury travel expert discuss a recent Ecoventura Galapagos trip with fellow travel writer, and another recent Ecoventura guest, Elaine Glusac.

As Elaine explains at around the 28 minute mark, the Galapagos really is second to none for remarkable animal encounters. “I’m swimming along, and all of a sudden there’s this penguin next to me. And I just decided, I have these fins on, I can go really fast, so I decided to just follow him, and I just spent 20 minutes just following this little penguin as he was chasing schools of fish…it was just so much fun and I just felt extreme joy – I can’t explain it any other way”.