Galapagos Trip Report from Rambling Razorback – Part 1

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We love hearing about our guests experience while onboard with us, and Rambling Razorback’s recent recap of their Galapagos adventure stood out more than most. Their detailed stories and plethora of photos takes us back and allows us to travel along with them through every step of their cruise.

We encourage you to read though our overview and click-through to their blog, it will transport you back to when you were snorkeling with sea lions and hiking along blue footed boobies.

galapagos trip report

Arriving in Quito

Where did you fly into before setting sail on your Galapagos Cruise? Rambling Razorback arrived in Quito and shared their experience as they arrived and traveled through the city, interacting with locals and tasting the delicious traditional foods.

They helped local students with a class project, walked around the plaza, and indulged in a local delicacy cuy (guinea pig) and empanadas.

After a long day of exploring, they rested up for their upcoming cruise and digital detox with us in the Galapagos.

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galapagos trip report

Getting to the Islands

After a short stay in Quito, Rambling Razorback met our tour organizer at the airport and together they went through bag inspection and boarded the plane. With a quick stop in Guayaquil the entire trip took about 2 hours in the air.

Once landed, their photos say it best, (“Are we there yet”). They were ready to be on the boat and start exploring! Sea lions greeted them in true Galapagos style by lazing everywhere, on the benches, on the pier and along every beach. From here, the naturalist guides met up with the group and the adventure began!

Check out their blog to read about their first excursion that involved playing peek-a-boo with a sea lion and ended with a beautiful Galapagos sunset.

galapagos trip report with Ecoventura


galapagos trip report with Ecoventura



Visiting Genovesa Island

Genovesa Island is known as bird island. The large colonies and vast species of birds that you can see here are incredible.

After a dry landing Rambling Razorback mentions how they instantly saw birds everywhere.  The Great Frigate Bird, Short Eared Owl, Red-Footed Booby, Nazca Booby, and dancing Blue-Footed Booby all have unique characteristics that make these birds one of a kind and exciting to see in the wild. You won’t want to miss RR’s great photos documenting each one! The naturalist guides know each of these birds thoroughly and we love reading when our guests can come back and remember the great facts that are shared on their cruise.

They exclaimed while snorkeling, “it’s another world down there”, and they are right. The wildlife underwater is equally as unique and abundant as on land.  They were lucky to see a hammerhead shark while snorkeling, but no need to worry, like most sightings it lasted for a few seconds before the shark swam off in a different direction.

Most of the guests onboard are usually world travelers, so sharing travel stories over dinner is a must. We are always glad to hear our groups enjoyed the cuisine, sea bass in peanut sauce, pumpkin soup and creme brulee – yum! Our chef’s take great pride in putting together the best menus, using local ingredients as much as possible for you to enjoy!

The post ends with him declaring “Our faces are sore from laughter”, and we think that is a great way to end a day!

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galapagos trip report with Ecoventura



Santa Cruz Island

Visiting Santa Cruz Island was packed full of activity with hiking at DragonHill, snorkeling and visiting Bachas Beach. You can tell by the photos they shared that everywhere they looked there was a new and different animal to learn about.

The group had the opportunity to see Sally Lightfooted Crabs up close covering the lava rocks. Did you know that these crabs used to be eaten and were known to be “delicious”? Check out the post to find out what the guides said about that!

Also, they got to see female sea turtle tracks leading to where she lays her eggs and returning to the water. Guests have to be careful not to disrupt this area so to not disturb the nesting process.

You can tell while reading their trip recap that they enjoyed everyone on their boat and were glad to be traveling with other families who they could relate to, and their kids could share the adventure with. We hear from a lot of our guests that after spending 7 days together onboard, they easily become quick friends and even keep in touch when they get home.

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Stay tuned for the highlights of the second half of their trip and visit their blog and to read the rest of their stories and see the photos that we didn’t share!