Stunning Wildlife Photos from Galapagos by Mike Hagen

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Everywhere you look in the Galapagos is a picture waiting to be taken. The wildlife is walking alongside your feet, the beaches are filled with families of sea lions playing in the waves and you look up to the sky and see a variety of birds fly by and dive into the water as they search for their afternoon meal.

The Galapagos is known for their endemic species, fearless wildlife, and underwater life, all which you will want to remember with the hundreds of photos you take home with you after the trip.


If you go on a trip to such a spectacular place, you want to return with spectacular photos, and Mike Hagen makes that possible. We are proud to have Mike on board one week a year hosting a Galapagos Photo Adventure with a group of aspiring photographers. He works with you at framing the famous blue footed booby to capture their dance perfectly, and how to set up the camera to get an up-close macro shot of even the tiniest lizard.

His knowledge of the wildlife and landscapes gives you an advantage during the week as he guides you with what, when and how to capture the best photo as you hike with your naturalist guides.

Here are 6 of our favorite photos from Mike Hagen’s most recent trip to the Galapagos:






In 2014 Mike traveled with a group along our Itinerary A, and in 2015 he will join guests on our Itinerary B. We can’t wait to see the captivating photos he returns with. Let us know if you are one of the few that gets to join him, and send us some of your favorite photos when you return for us to feature!

If you’d like to participate on his next Galapagos Photo Adventure, check out Mike’s workshop page here.

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