Ecoventura Media Roundup: Where to Find Us On the Web

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We’ve been seeing Ecoventura pop up around the web more in the last few weeks, and wanted to share the news with our travel community! We are excited to hear the Galapagos, MV Origin and Ecoventura are buzzing around the internet and encouraging more travelers to start planning their next adventure. Here are a few of the highlights over the last month.

Expanding Cruise Options through the Galapagos

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“The small-ship cruise operator Ecoventura, known for its expedition cruising through the Galápagos Islands, is expanding into a higher level of luxury service with the introduction of its fourth ship, the MV Origin.

The 20-passenger yacht, which departs on its inaugural cruise Jan. 3, will have 10 spacious staterooms with panoramic windows, satellite TV and docking stations. Amenities include a concierge, a wet bar, a library and a fitness center, along with indoor and outdoor observation areas.” via New York Times Travel

Travel Channel Featured Galapagos and Ecoventura as a Daily Escape

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“Whether you’re sunning or swimming in the Galapagos, you’ll never be far from a colony of sea lions.” via Travel Channel

5 Great Family Enrichment Cruises


“Families visiting the Galapagos will return home rich in experiences and new-found knowledge. Here at the earth’s first World Heritage Site, families can see exotic wildlife and experience them up close in their natural habitats. Follow in the footsteps of Charles Darwin on a voyage with Ecoventura, a family owned cruise company that has been leading the way in sustainable travel to the Galapagos Islands since 1990.”  via Bella online

8 Boat Tours that Ditch the Big Ship

Galapagos Islands, Landing on San Cristobal

“Galapagos Islands are no strangers to bucket lists. The archipelago famous for its biodiversity lies more than 600 miles off Ecuador’s coast and isn’t especially easy to reach. For those that make it there, the visit should not be rushed.” via Paste Magazine

Albatross in the Galapagos Islands by Allison Gardner

“From swimming alongside sea lions (and plenty of curious sea lion pups) to watching the Blue Footed Boobies shake their feet in a mating dance, snorkeling with penguins off the islands of Santa Cruz and Isabela.” via

7 Trips that Put Families in Close Contact with Local Wildlife

photo via Go Eat Give

photo via Go Eat Give

“In a destination as pristine and protected as the Galapagos, wildlife wanders freely and fearlessly in the islands, meaning parents and kids are in for the trip of a lifetime.” – via Go Eat Give