We Welcome the THEORY, our newest Luxury Expedition yacht

AUTHOR Daniel Andino

The New Year has already been one of exciting firsts for us here at Ecoventura. In addition to taking on new sustainability cooperatives and increased innovation toward reducing plastics in the Galapagos in 2019, we are proud to announce the inaugural voyage of our newest luxury yacht, the MV Theory — the identical sister yacht to the MV Origin.

There was a bittersweet moment or two, as last week was the twilight cruise of the M/Y Eric, our beloved First-Class flagship yacht (and sister to the M/Y Letty).

The M/Y Eric has been sailing this chain of islands for nearly three decades, creating unforgettable moments for thousands of passengers and navigating Galapagos waterways with a nearly imperceptible ecological footprint. One of the naturalists on board the very first voyage of the Eric in January, 1991 was Sofia D’arquea. She recalls the guests were from Smith College. Sofia, like many of our crew, still work for Ecoventura.

As we bid goodbye to our old friend, we share with you some of our passengers’ favorite moments of land and sea exploration over the years while aboard the M/Y Eric.

P.S. – Though we are undoubtedly nostalgic given M/Y Eric’s retirement, we encourage travelers to not fret, for her stellar crew, led by our Captain Peter Vallejo, have joined us aboard our second luxury vessel in our fleet, the MV Theory! See here for how you can join us in carrying on M/Y Eric’s legacy into a new era.

Celeste F. joined us aboard the M/Y Eric in February. Her narrative embodies the spirit of the M/Y Eric and her crew:

“My 18 year old daughter and I went on the M/Y Eric on February 15, 2019. This was the vacation of a lifetime! Karina and Desiree were our guides and they were amazing. They were both very knowledgeable and patient with our numerous questions. The staff on Eric are 5 stars, from the perfect meals every day to the cleanliness of the yacht. We were never rushed on one of our adventures and had plenty of time to enjoy every minute of each island. I highly recommend doing a smaller boat with only 20 passengers. The staff and passengers were able to really get to know one another and created a special bond that made the trip extra special. My daughter never complained about the heat or the hiking, and even smiled numerous times! We were able to make memories that will last a lifetime. Thank you, Ecoventura, and the crew of the Eric.” – Celeste F., M/Y Eric traveler, Feb 19’

“We were assigned to cruise on the Eric. The yacht was comfortable and beautiful. Its cabins, though small, are thoughtfully laid out so that passengers can store all belongings and still enjoy being in their cabins. Beds were comfortable and our bathroom was just right. Andy (husband) and I knew that our naturalists would be critically important to the experience we would have. Fabricio and Pepe, were highly knowledgeable and engaging; we could not have asked for more.

The rest of the crew was highly professional, too. Our bartender/waiter, Luis, remembered everyone’s particular dietary needs, was masterful in his role, and was perfectly charming 24/7…The chefs — oh my goodness! All the food was remarkable, every meal fresh, delicious, and beautiful to behold. And there were others, who were less well-known to us, because they worked behind the scenes, so that we would have the experience of a lifetime.” – Gwen W., M/Y Eric Traveler, April 18’

“This trip exceeded our expectations in so many ways it is hard to describe…
the staff on the M/Y Eric was wonderful from the moment we arrived on the boat, where we were met with drinks and snacks and given a warm welcome by the naturalist guides and the captain and also introduced to the whole crew.

During the week we got to know Abel, who was always so courteous and was able to deliver food and drinks from early morning until the end of the day with a smile; and Maria, who was everywhere organizing the berths and greeting all the returning pangas with a helpful hand and a happy greeting. Our two guides, Freddie and Ivan, were amazing, starting with their daily wake up messages each morning. They both have so much knowledge of the area and wildlife that they were able to really ensure we understood the unique and wonderful aspects of each different island. They were able to show us the incredible wildlife that exists in the Galapagos and we were fortunate to see and snorkel with penguins, sea turtles, and manta rays, to mention only a few. They also helped the crew throw a really memorable party in the middle of the week, with some awesome food, singing and musical performances. Ivan sang a very special song that he had written about the Galapagos Islands, which was never to be forgotten.” – Mike and Wendy R, M/Y Eric Travelers, February 18′

“The crew and guides (on the M/Y Eric) were wonderful. Nature was resplendent. It was like the creatures knew to put on a show for us… Of course, the food was fantastic. Our group was all very happy with your team and the ship. I’m sad to see the MY Eric retire.” – Susan, M/Y Eric Traveler, March 19’

As attested to in the personal experiences of our passengers, the memories had aboard the M/Y Eric accompanied by guests and her crew will hold a special place in the heart of Ecoventura and our Galapagos explorations.

Here’s to old friends, and new beginnings!