Celebrate Easter in Ecuador with family and “fanesca”

AUTHOR The Ecoventura Team

Travel itself is celebratory. From the build-up of excitement before discovering a new destination, to the burst of new flavours, smells and sights you experience upon arrival. One thing that almost all celebrations have in common is eating; always a highlight of travel and something the Ecoventura team holds close to their hearts! We are the only members of Relais & Chateaux in the Galapagos, so some would say eating in the Enchanted Islands doesn’t get better than aboard the Ecoventura fleet.

Traditions differ between families, but for most Ecuadorians Easter means friends, family and fanesca. What is “fanesca” you may be wondering? Is it a dance, a drink, or some sort of chocolate egg? Chocoholics may be disappointed to hear it’s actually a soup. But it’s not just any soup, this special recipe is prepared just once a year and includes squash, salted cod (fish to symbolize Jesus) and twelve different grains (representing Jesus’ disciples). Budding chefs can find the recipe here.

One other thing that Ecuadorians love to do over Easter is to travel, be it nationally or internationally, it’s a great opportunity to visit a new place.

If you happen to be in mainland Ecuador, or on one of the Galapagos Islands during Holy Week – in Latin America celebrations are spread across the week, not just Easter Sunday – you may come across religious parades, performances and music. If you are among the lucky ones aboard our vessels, we will treat you to a special seasonal menu using the finest and freshest ingredients, including some of the highest quality Ecuadorian chocolate. As Ecoventura, we treat every departure as though it were the most special occasion, so Easter is no different.