Giving Back to Galapagos this Holiday Season

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday have taken over the holiday season. In the midst of chasing after the best deal this holiday, we encourage you to give a little bit differently this year. As avid travelers we like to take time at the end of the year to think about the new destinations we’ve experienced, and are thankful for the conservation efforts that protect the land and wildlife we are able to enjoy

We are showcasing three of our favorite social good organizations that are working hard to make a difference in the Galapagos and worldwide.


Galapagos Conservancy

Galapagos Conservancy works hard to protect more than 50 endangered species in Galapagos which are found nowhere else on Earth. These endangered species include the Galapagos Tortoise, rare Galapagos penguins, pink land iguanas, sea lions, fur seals, waved albatrosses and the flightless cormorants. The work that they are doing is critical to the long-term protection of Galapagos and its endemic species.

By giving to Galapagos Conservancy you are helping them minimize the impacts of invasive species on the Galapagos Marine Reserve and better protect the native species that inhabit the waters surrounding the Islands.

a creative way to give this holiday season


Project International

Ecology Project International develops field-based academic courses for teens who live in Galapagos. They want to inspire conservation in young people through education and field science programs, and we are proud to be working alongside them in doing so.

Ecoventura first became involved with EPI in 2012 when we agreed to sponsor 12 students in the EPI ecology field course. Since then, Ecoventura has sponsored 25 students each year, a total of 62 students with a donation of $500 per student of $31,000 total to date. The goal is to develop critical-thinking skills and a conservation ethic along with knowledge of the problems that threaten the sustainability of the islands.


In 2014 Ecoventura included a cultural exchange and/or scientific project during the cruise on four designated family teen departures. The families visit the EPI camp in the highlands called “Reserva Parajo Brujo” where they are able to join the EPI students in a scientific project of seed dispersal. These trips were so successful, four departure dates will be offered in 2015.

Give the gift of education to the future stakeholders of the Galapagos as EPI works to build the next generation of conservation leaders. 



World Wildlife Fund

Have you ever wanted to adopt a Giant Tortoise?

Now is your chance!


Give a gift that will help protect the future of nature this season. Your symbolic adoption supports WWF’s global efforts to protect wild animals and their habitats.

World Wildlife Fund is currently working in over 100 countries for one common goal, to live in harmony with nature. Supported by over 1 million members in the U.S and 5 million worldwide, this is no small undertaking. They are working to conserve critical places and critical species in addition to reduce the ecological footprint of negative impacts from human activity.

Not ready to adopt a Tortoise?  Make a year end donation instead to help further their efforts to protect nature.

As travelers, it’s our responsibility to do the research on the companies we travel with, reduce the footprint we leave behind and support organizations like these listed above that help preserve the future of travel.