Model and influencer Helen Owen sails with Ecoventura

AUTHOR The Ecoventura Team

“If you need us we’ll be living on this luxury yacht on a 7 day expedition around the Galápagos Islands with Ecoventura”. So said Helen Owen, British-American model and social media star, as she set out on an unforgettable voyage onboard our luxury expedition yacht Origin.

And it doesn’t matter how many instagram followers you might have (Helen has 1.6 million and rising, in case you’re wondering), whether you’ve featured in Sports Illustrated or GQ, or have even launched your own swimwear range – the Galapagos is still guaranteed to make an impression.

To quote Helen’s Instagram profile after one particularly memorable excursion out on our kayaks: “File this under: things worth waking up early for”.

Our week-long itineraries are filled with a huge range of land and water-based excursions, with snorkeling high up everyone’s wish list. Eager to enjoy the wonderful array of marine life filling the warm waters around the islands, Helen was clearly impressed.

“We snorkeled so much this past week in the Galápagos I was practically snorkeling in my sleep!”

Of course, for anyone looking for something a little less active, we also build in plenty of time to relax on the stunning – dare we say underrated? – beaches that line the Galapagos Islands.

With fine, soft, white sand and just the occasional sea lion or marine iguana to share them with, they’re the ideal place to soak up some rays, paddle in the waves, or get acquainted with some of the local wildlife.

Our flippered friends never fail to capture the imagination. “I knew Galápagos was going to be awesome but these guys sealed the deal! The sea lions here are either blissfully uninterested in us, or they’re extremely playful and curious, swimming backflips around us while we’re snorkeling.”

And at the end of the week, who can resist taking a moment to enjoy the view from the comfort of your luxury designer cabin. In this happy passenger’s own words: “Wow what an experience! Thank you @ecoventura_galapagos!”