A perfect picture – join us on our Photography Departures in October 2022

AUTHOR The Ecoventura Team

It’s no secret that as a wildlife destination, the Galapagos is the world’s greatest muse. Not only is it visually striking but it heaves with photogenic nature; giant tortoises, Galapagos sea lions and blue-footed boobies to name just a few of the extraordinary species that call this paradise home.

Unlike other places in the world, the wildlife doesn’t just exist but thrives in this archipelago. In fact, it’s so abundant, both terrestrial and marine animals display what Charles Darwin described as an ‘extreme tameness’. Cue close-ups of posing iguanas, sunbathing sea lions napping on the shores and bobbing blue-footed boobies nesting on the trails. Not to mention volcanic islands, unblemished beaches and turquoise waters that lend themselves to the most incredible backdrops just begging to be snapped.

If you’ve ever dreamt of honing your camera skills, there has never been a better place on earth do it – which is why for several years we have run specific photography-focused expeditions, with guests accompanied by specially trained photography instructors.

We’re excited to announce our latest two departures are confirmed for October. For those in the know, this is one of the best times to travel to the Galapagos; there are fewer people than the peak summer months, temperatures are mild, and mating season for many creatures that inhabit the land and seas around the archipelago bring about a host of riotous birdlife and the arrival of baby seal pups. In addition, the all-important natural light, particularly warm in the autumn months, can help budding photographers compose incredible compositions.

Joining us on these voyages will be not one but two specialists. Renowned naturalist guide and photographer, Antonio Adrian, as well as Fernando Sanchez, a National Geographic Society-trained photography instructor. Armed with top tips and years of experience, throughout each week-long itinerary they’ll help you fine tune your skills, whether that’s how to use light to enhance your shot or stage a perfectly proportioned image.

Both departures are ideally suited for photographers of all standards, whether you’re looking to hone your technical skills, or just capture your holiday highlights and do this amazing destination justice.

If it’s maximum coverage you’re looking for, why not book two departures back-to-back combining both of our itineraries to get fully acquainted with the region as well as your camera? You’ll have even more opportunity to capture the unique wildlife rarely seen by anyone else. This could be the far reaches of northerly Genovesa, home to magnificent frigatebirds, or the westerly island of Fernandina where humpback whales and orcas are often seen breaching the surface during fall.

What’s more, to celebrate this year’s departures, we’re offering a 15% discount for any direct bookings on either of these itineraries made within the next 30 days.

Join Antonio and Fernando on our latest photography expeditions for the following dates:

30 October – 06 November 2022 Itinerary B – Northern & Western Route

23 October – 30 October 2022 – Itinerary A – Southern & Central Route

Our photography departures tend to book up quickly so feel free to get in touch via our website or by email on to avoid disappointment! We look forward to having you on board.