Entry requirements & Testing procedures

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A valid passport is required to enter Ecuador. However, passports must be valid for six months and a day after you plan to leave Ecuador. No Visas are required for U.S., Canadian and most European citizens. Visas are required for some Asian, Central American and Eastern European countries. It is the passenger’s responsibility to check with local immigration offices or the Ecuadorian consulate prior to sailing to determine if a visa is necessary.

Effective as of August 1, 2020, the requirements to enter both Ecuador and Galapagos are:

Ecuador – Visitors are required to present a negative PCR test for COVID19 from a reputable facility taken within ten days of arrival and complete a  Traveler Health Declaration that identifies the address of your stay while in Ecuador.  You will be screened for symptoms, a temperature check and complete an immigration form.

Galapagos – All visitors must present a negative PCR test for COVID19 taken within 96 hours prior to the arrival of the flight to Galapagos.  You will need to send a copy of your PCR test to enter Ecuador to travel@ecoventura.com provided that it will be the same test used to enter Galapagos.  We highly recommend that all guests arrive to Ecuador with a PCR test to enter Galapagos.  Otherwise, visitors age 18 and older will be required to take a second PCR test in Ecuador before boarding the flight to Galapagos.  Testing will need to be arranged in advance through your hotel, DMC or with Ecoventura at your own expense.  Testing is performed by an approved lab at your hotel in Quito or Guayaquil on Saturday morning and the results are available the same day within 12 hours.  The cost is $85 paid in cash only.

At check-in for AV flight 1636, a representative from Ecuador will assist you with your boarding pass, digital safe passage form, park entrance fee and transit card receipts if pre-paid. In addition to the negative PCR test results within 96 hours of the flight, tourists must present a  Salvoconductos or safe passage form before they can board the flight to Galapagos.  The form is processed by Ecoventura for all our guests a week before arrival giving them pre-travel authorization.  You are required to present proof of a return flight ticket and a medical insurance  ID card. During the flight, you will be asked to complete a bio-safety control form.  Our crew will be waiting for you when you land to provide a safe and quick transfer to your yacht.

Once onboard, you will be asked to fill out a one-page questionnaire concerning your health and medical conditions.  The Captain will screen all guests with a temperature check and oxygen saturation level on Sunday and again on Wednesday during the cruise.

Ecoventura has made arrangements with a certified lab in Ecuador to provide testing on Saturday morning for guests who will need to show a negative test result within 3 days before their return flight home.  The cost is $125 for PCR or $105 for Antigen and can be added to your onboard account and paid in cash or credit card.  The test results will be available on Sunday afternoon in time to take a flight home later that evening.