Cleaning and disinfection procedures followed in our yachts

AUTHOR Melissa Sotomayor

Shoe disinfection trays have been placed at the entrance of each yacht.

Cleaning products approved by the Galapagos National Park, which are effective against viruses, bacteria and other airborne and blood borne pathogens are being used in all yachts.

We have increased the frequency of deep-cleaning, while disinfecting with ozone machines (HEPA filters) all common areas, public spaces and guests’ cabins (in addition to crew quarters), with an emphasis on high-contact surfaces such as stair railings, door knobs, coffee stations, water dispensers, coffee tables, dining and bar surfaces, social area restrooms, jacuzzi and sun deck areas.

Crew members follow strict cleaning and sanitation charts in every stateroom and social area.

We have intensified and increased the cleaning of air conditioning recirculation filters every week, to guarantee
the proper operation of the system, prior to each cruise.